how to clean your grinder

Guide to Cleaning Your Grinder

As a Maryland medical marijuana patient, it’s important to educate yourself on the health and safety of caring for your marijuana equipment and tools. This includes learning to properly clean and store your cannabis products, including the best way to clean a weed grinder. Depending on the amount of daily/weekly use, a grinder should be thoroughly cleaned every one to two months. The more frequently you use your grinder, the more build-ups you will have on the surface. There are several reasons for cleaning a grinder. The first is that it prevents you from getting ill, ensures high-quality function, and helps keep a long lifespan. The experts at Mary and Main will go through the steps of knowing when and how to clean your grinder and the proper way to do so.

Your Grinder Cleaning Items

  • Toothpicks
  • Toothbrush
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Large container
  • Cotton Ball
  • Clean towel

How To Clean Your Grinder

How To Clean Your Kief Screen

It is common for excess marijuana to be left in the grinder. Cleaning a grinder by getting the kief from the sides and teeth of the grinder before beginning the alcohol treatment is important for health and safety reasons. Toothpicks are an easy tool to use to loosen small cannabis particles. Be sure to do this over a paper plate to catch the leftovers!

How to Clean Your Grinder with Alcohol

The best way to clean a weed grinder is by using isopropyl alcohol to disinfect and completely clean each piece. Cleaning a grinder with alcohol helps get all the debris off and get it back in optimal working condition. Submerge each piece of the grinder into the container for 25 minutes. Once time is up, gently rub a cotton ball over the pieces to pick up any leftover residue. Once each piece is clean, run under hot water then place on a clean towel to air dry.

How to Clean Your Grinder Screen

When dissembling your grinder, you will see a screen that will appear dirty after heavy use. The best way to clean a grinder screen is to start by gently scrubbing with a clean, dry toothbrush over the screen to clear the area of loose fragments. It’s important to not overly scrub, as this screen is fragile and can easily be torn. When you first learn how to clean the kief screen on your grinder, it helps to take your time. Use a paper plate to catch debris from the screen. Once you see through the screen more clearly, you know you’ve gotten it clean.


Taking time to learn how to clean out your grinder will keep the appliance happy and you as well. Debris build-up can cause it to function less optimally over time. It is also more sanitary to keep it clean for best results. With just a little bit of elbow grease, you can learn to keep the parts clean so you can enjoy your grinder.


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