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What Dispensary Has the Best Weed in the DMV?

The Mary & Main mission is to empower individuals in the DMV to reimagine life for themselves, their loved ones, and their community with the highest quality cannabis products. Our menu of medicinal and recreational cannabis is unmatched, and our extensive knowledge of cannabinoids, terpenes, and strains ensures that you always get the best weed in the DMV at Mary & Main.

What Are the Best Cannabis Flower Brands Available in the DMV?

Mary & Main’s flower menu rolls deep with all the best brands in Maryland, including Cookies, Culta, District Cannabis, Rythm, and Fade Co. 

What Are the Best Indica Cannabis Strains at Mary & Main?

If Indica is your thing, we got you with top-shelf selections such as Gelato Cake from District Cannabis, La Baker from Garcia Hand Picked, Georgia Mintz from Kind Tree, and Compound Z from Strane.

What Are the Best Sativa Cannabis Strains at Mary & Main?

For Sativa lovers, Durban Poison from Culta, Gelonade from Rythm, Lemon Meringue from SunMed, or Shrieker from Grow West always deliver a classic Sativa experience. 

What Are the Best Hybrid Cannabis Strains at Mary & Main?

Georgia Pie from Cookies, Zoap from Fade Co, DMV OG from District, and Lemon Cherry Gelato from Nature’s Heritage are all on the Mary & Main menu, and they are some of the best hybrid strains available anywhere.

Does Mary & Main in the DMV Carry CBD Flower?

We do not, but we do carry vaporizers, tinctures, and edibles with CBD.

Does Mary & Main Carry Medical and Recreational Cannabis?

We do!

Does Mary & Main Have Any Specials on Weed?

We offer 20-30% off on our weekly pop-up deals. Check our Daily Specials page for all the delicious details.

Does Mary & Main Grow Their Own Cannabis?

Not at this time.


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