About Mary & Main Dispensary

IN 2018,

Hope Wiseman and Dr. Octavia Wiseman, mother-daughter duo embarked on a transformative journey, driven by their shared vision of creating a cannabis dispensary focused on spreading warmth, knowledge, and delight. Their dedication led to the birth of Mary & Main, a sanctuary that provides premium cannabis products, personalized guidance, and community empowerment. Through educational workshops, wellness events, and outreach programs, they have become trusted advocates, catalyzing positive change within their community.

Today, Mary & Main stands as a testament to the power of perseverance and passion. It represents a warm and inviting space where individuals can access the multitude of benefits of cannabis while receiving compassionate support from a knowledgeable team. Hope and Dr. Octavia's journey exemplifies the transformative impact that a cannabis dispensary can have on individuals and their communities, inspiring others to embrace the spirit of family.

Our Team


Founder - CEO

Dr. Octavia S. Wiseman

Founder - CFO

Dr. Larry Bryant, DDS, MHCA, MBA


Dexter Parker

General Manager

Justin Molineaux

Assistant Manager


Our mission is to provide safe, quality cannabis experiences that empower individuals to reimagine life for themselves, their loved ones, and community.


Cannabis has many names marijuana, pot, and weed. While we acknowledge cannabis sativa as the scientific name, for us, Mary Jane has always brought the warmest term of endearment.
We live at the corner where our beloved Mary Jane meets mainstream culture hence our name, Mary & Main. From serving as a natural medicine to impacting the foundations of our society, we showcase our community in understanding the many intersections Mary Jane has with our everyday lives.
When that streetlight comes on, meet us on the corner of Mary & Main, your home for cannabis.

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