Vapes, Carts & Disposable Pens

What Types of Vapes/Carts Does Mary & Main Carry?

If you prefer vaping to smoking cannabis, you’ll love Mary & Main’s vape menu, which includes Blue Cheese from Curio, Durban Poison from Culta, and Cookies and Cream from Equity. 

Does Mary & Main Carry CBD Vapes/Carts?

We sure do! Check out our Cherry Sorbet 4:1 (THC:CBD) from Savvy Travelers and Select Essentials ACDC 1:1 (THC:CBD). 

Does Mary & Main Offer Deals on Vapes/Carts?

We offer 20-30% off on our weekly pop-up deals. Check our Daily Specials page for all the delicious details.

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