How Medical Marijuana Helps Cachexia

Cachexia, also known as Wasting Syndrome, results in dramatic weight loss and severe muscle weakness causing discomfort among most patients. This disease is often diagnosed to those who suffer from a chronic illness, such as Type 1 Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV, and Cancer. While the exact cause of cachexia is unknown, the dramatic weight loss can lead to immobility along with other painful symptoms. If you are a Maryland patient suffering from this disease, learn how medical marijuana can help Cachexia and sign up for your Maryland medical card today.

Symptoms of Cachexia

• Involuntary or unintentional weight loss. Weight loss may occur even with adequate amount of calories in diet

• Skeletal muscle wasting. This is the main symptom of Cachexia, which occurs with loss of fat

• Anorexia or loss of appetite. Instead of a merely decrease desire of certain foods, patients loses desire to eat anything

• Lowered quality of life. Overtime the patient will lose the ability to walk and take part in physical activities

Medical Marijuana for Cachexia

To date, there is no specific medication to fully treat Cachexia however, nutritional supplements and steroids help provide nutrients lost. Medical marijuana is a positive option for those suffering with this illness for a number of reasons, perhaps the most important being the increase in appetite. In order to manage Cachexia, patients need to increase food intake while managing nausea and vomiting. Medical marijuana is used to not only promote the body’s appetite, but stop the nausea and sickness as well.

Cachexia qualifies as a debilitating illness for Maryland medical marijuana. If you are a patient residing in the state of Maryland, consider signing up for your Maryland medical card!



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