Microdosing Cannabis

People are looking for ever newer and better ways to consume cannabis. Straight cannabis is okay for some folks, but others are looking at a way to bring microdosing mainstream. This means taking a small amount of cannabis, just enough to feel the effects of THC, but avoid some of the other psychoactive effects. Some people find them unpleasant while others don’t mind them as much. Every person looks for a different experience. Find out more about microdosing, what it is, and whether it might be a good fit.

History Lesson

How microdosing came to be is a long story. Concisely, mushrooms are believed to have been consumed as far back as 10,000 B.C. in the Sahara of Algeria. Based on cave drawings, it is believed humans back then were taking advantage of the psychoactive properties in mushrooms. A Swiss researcher in 1938 accidentally synthesized LSD and experienced something interesting. From that he began to research psychedelic effects and thus began a wave of learning about it in Western culture. Scientists thus began to look into the benefits of microdosing for wider audiences. Dr. James Fadiman independently began to investigate microdosing and collecting testimony from people who tried it at home. After years of research, Dr. James Fadiman developed a microdosing protocol for people at home which were tracked for many years to follow up with individuals who used it at home.

Microdosing and Benefits

Every approach to using cannabis is an individual one. People are looking to cannabis for support with all kinds of ailments and conditions, not to mention just using it to relax or for personal enjoyment. While small amounts of microdosing can be beneficial, too much can have the opposite effect. It all depends on the individual and their needs. What makes microdosing different from regular use of cannabis depends on the individual. It may be a great gateway for people using marijuana for the first time. “Easing in” at lower doses can take away some of the effects first time users may not like. Some things to consider:

  • People can get the benefits without too much of a ‘high’ 
  • Smaller doses for maximum effect can reduce cost of use over time
  • Regular use has higher THC levels. Cannabinoid levels are more stable with microdoses which can help with mental health or treatment of other conditions that people often use it for

Every person responds differently to microdosing. It takes experimentation to find the right dose. Regular use can come with increased side effects while microdosing is believed to lower negative effects and increase positive ones. First time microdosers might like using lower doses for a few days, then increasing if necessary. 

Effects of Microdosing

There are 10 milligrams (mg) in one milliliter (ml) of a THC concentrate. The starting dose would be one-tenth of a milliliter. Starting with this, two drops of THC liquid extract equal 1 mg. Inexperienced individuals might have lower tolerance to THC and feel the effects even at low doses. One drop for several days can build up tolerance to get more effects. The goal is not to experience a high, but to feel some effects without going all the way. Some other effects might include:

  • Easing inflammatory conditions, anxiety, and even pain
  • Increased creative energy and output
  • Feeling less negative psychedelic effects of straight cannabis
  • Help with sleep

Planning Dosage

Dosage use really depends on each person. Consumers who are just starting out and don’t use cannabis much (or at all) might start with a 1:1 ratio of 1 mg THC to 1 mg CBD. Frequent fliers might experience small doses and go up. Small effects can still impact a person’s mind and body. Wait at least 20-60 minutes between doses to see if any effects take place. The time of day also matters. Some like to do it when they are out and about in situations that bring anxiety and stress. Others like to be at home where it is quiet and track the dose and effects. Regularity is key to get maximum effect but learning to do it without increasing the dose each time takes patience and focus. A doctor or provider can help guide a person who is struggling to find the right dose for their situation. This can help offset any ill effects and provide a better overall experience for new and experienced microdosers.

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