New Patient Drive

Mary and Main will be hosting a New Patient Drive that will begin March 22nd and run through April 20th! We encourage existing patients to bring along a friend to sign up or anyone looking to join the Mary and Main family. 

We will walk new patients through the process of registering to become a patient through  the MMCC’s new portal. New patients will receive a promo code at the end of the video. After getting certified, then the new patient will bring the promo code to the dispensary to receive their welcome letter, new patient info, and stash pass! (The stash pass is a punch card that tracks their visits to the dispensary.)

If you have been hesitant to get your medical marijuana card, or know someone who is interested, now is the time! New patients will receive a $100 store credit to spread over 4 visits. Patients must spend $100 or more. Mary and Main will be there to help you along the way, providing advice, guidance, and even making recommendations for doctors. 


Mary and Main is dedicated to offering education and guidance to people in our community and in the cannabis industry. To learn more visit or call us at 240-838-3660. 

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