Tackling Depression with Medical Marijuana

Cannabis use has many roles; for some, it is pain relief while others use it to relax or relieve anxiety. Yet others find it helps them deal with mental health issues, including depression. Depression can be one condition among many people to deal with. Medical marijuana helps alleviate some of the challenges of depressive symptoms and bring some peace to those who struggle. 


When Depression Hurts

Depressive disorders and symptoms affect millions of people every year. More than just a state of ‘not feeling happy,’ a person with depression may be unable to work, socialize, or even leave their house for periods of time. On top of insomnia, chronic fatigue, pain, and other issues, myriad things can impact a person’s overall mood. Depressive medications like SSRIs may help some people but also come with side effects. Although there is still stigma around discussing depressive symptoms, people are finding renewed hope in medical cannabis as an alternative treatment. 


Role of Cannabis in Treatment

Cannabis can work for some people instantly while others may not find relief right away. While some find anxiety is relieved with cannabis, others feel their mood elevated by the use of cannabis. Getting a full night’s sleep is enough to help some people with depression feel better. The way cannabis works in people who use it for depression is to introduce endocannabinoids back into the body that can help elevate their mood. Lack of endocannabinoids might increase depressive symptoms. Cannabis studies are still being conducted on the benefits of THC and CBD on the brain. 


Finding the Right Fit

Certain strains may work better for people with depression than others. For instance, smoking versus vaping or using edibles all provide different effects. Some might get tired from using indica while others find it gives them a better overall mood. Sativa strains are described at having energetic effects while indicas may have a more sedative effect. Energetic Sativa strains may help with depression and motivation. Relaxing Indica strains may provide support for stress and insomnia, for instance. 


One of the risks for people with depression is mixing cannabis with existing prescription medication. A combination of medications like mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and others can make it challenging to find the right fit with cannabis. Cannabis may help nausea from the prescription meds, for instance, but it is best to speak with a professional before using cannabis with any other medications to avoid any risks or issues. 


Finding Hope

For people who suffer from depression, relief with cannabis can be a huge confidence booster. Struggling with depression can take away a person’s motivation and ability to cope with daily life, in some cases. Medical marijuana can ultimately give them their life back and support their move towards self-empowerment and healing. 


Mary and Main are qualified as a dispensary to help with your medicinal marijuana needs. Let us help you find the right strains and products for your needs. We help many people with mental health challenges, including depression. Call us to find out how we can help you find relief.

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