A Crash Course in Using Pre-Filled Cannabis Vape Cartridges

A Crash Course in Using Pre-Filled Cannabis Vape Cartridges

Cannabis is all the rage right now, with lots of new methods of smoking, tinctures, and more being introduced on the market. Vaping cannabis is gaining in popularity now, too, with some possible alternatives to smoking tobacco. The basics of using a pre-filled cannabis vape cartridge might help people decide if this way of using cannabis is the best fit.


Learn the Ropes

Cannabis vape cartridges come pre-filled with cannabis extract oil. Inhaling cannabis vapor comes from heated oil in the cartridge. This mist is inhaled into the lungs, producing the desired effects. The small cartridge can fit in a person’s purse, bag, or pocket. Three parts of the cannabis cartridge make up the mechanisms for vaping:

  • Mouthpiece where the vapor is drawn in
  • A chamber that contains pre-filled cannabis oil
  • The atomizer that heats the cannabis oil and makes it ready or inhalation

Rechargeable batteries go into the cartridge as well as disposable ones. This keeps the cartridge disseminating vapor. 


Why it Works

Function and portability are just a few of the benefits of cannabis vaping. Preloaded cannabis oil vape cartridges are easy for on-the-go use. Vape cartridges:

  • Easy to use without cleanup after
  • Include minimalist design for discreet use
  • Come preloaded for a controlled dose with each inhalation for people concerned about dosage
  • Offer various options for people who want more control of what and how much they consume


Types of Cartridges

Getting familiar with the types of cartridges available on the market can help people make more informed choices. Here are just a few of them:

  • Cartridge or disposable: most come with a510 thread that a battery screws into. Some vape pens are disposable with a pre-charged battery that lasts until the cartridge is empty. No charging necessary and is disposed of after use. Cost may be higher for this type
  • CO2 oil: some high-grade winterized CO2 oils are compatible with vaporizer cartridges since they need no additives. They retain moderate amounts of plant-based terpenes, which in the oil and give it a certain flavor
  • Terpene infusions: this may help lower viscosity of cannabis oil including flavor and aroma. They can add aromatics to the experience and influence how cannabinoids interact with the body
  • Indica, Sativa, and hybrid are offered that may alter the experience for each person
  • Full-spectrum vape cartridges that include the use of bioavailable molecules from one particular cannabis strain. The effects tend to be greater but with a higher price point


The duration of a vape cartridge depends on the rate of consumption, type of cannabis being vaped, and other things. Speak with a budtender about the use and how to make the most of the experience. 


Mary and Main are qualified as a dispensary to help with your medicinal marijuana needs. We offer everything from tinctures to edibles and vape pens, among other things. To find out what is best for you, talk to one of our professional budtenders. We are here to educate you on the best choices for you.