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What Concentrates/Extracts Does Mary & Main Carry?

We carry Intimacy Oil from Curio, Double Tangie Banana Cured Sugar from Nature’s Heritage, and Purple Punch Concentrate from SunMed. 

Does Mary & Main Carry CBD Concentrates?

We do not at this time. However, we are constantly updating our inventory and are always looking for new products to offer our customers. If you are interested in a specific CBD concentrate, please let us know, and we will do our best to make it available for purchase.

What Effects Do Concentrates/Extracts Produce?

Concentrates are 3-4x more potent than flower, providing more intense and longer-lasting effects, ideal for medical patients needing high THC doses. If you are new to concentrates, start slow to find your optimal dose!

Does Mary & Main Offer Deals on Concentrates/Extracts?

We offer 20-30% off on our weekly pop-up deals. Check our Daily Specials page for all the delicious details.

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