A Guide to Storing Your Medical Marijuana

Luckily, the state of Maryland recognizes medical marijuana as a treatment option for those suffering from debilitating illnesses. Once you have been approved for your medical marijuana card, it’s time to visit a licensed physician to receive a written certificate. Following your doctor’s visit, you can then visit a trusted Maryland medical marijuana dispensary to purchase medicine. You may be wondering how to store your medical marijuana, ensuring your product remains fresh and clean. According to a study published by the Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, cannabinoids can remain stable for up to two years when stored properly. The team at Mary and Main has created a guide to storing your medical marijuana.


There are many factors that can lead to the degradation of the cannabis flower, with light being the biggest consideration. Just as harsh UV rays can fade paint or carpet, it will also burn the the most valuable compounds found in marijuana. To avoid this, it’s important to keep medical marijuana in containers out of sunlight.


Another factor to consider when storing cannabis is the amount of oxygen your medicine is exposed to. Too much oxygen can speed the level of degradation, where as too much moisture allows mold growth. The best way to protect your medicine is to store it in a vacuumed sealed container, available for purchase at most dispensaries.


Previously mentioned, high humidity can easily create moisture and mold growth on your bud. However, if the air is too dry then the medicine can lose the important compounds that will help your body. The best way to control the moisture and humidity level is by purchasing a humidity control packets and placing them with your medical marijuana.


High temperature can cause buds to dry out and terpenes to evaporate, resulting in a harsh hit and unpleasant aftertaste. Most mold and mildew thrive between the temperatures of 78 and 86 degrees, so the ideal storage must be below that range.


Mary and Main is a fully licensed and certified medical marijuana dispensary located in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Founded by doctors and experienced caregivers, Mary and Main provides safe, premium quality medical cannabis products with exemplary and compassionate service to all certified patients who are suffering from a number of chronic debilitating illnesses.

Consult with our staff professionals to determine the best opiate-free, addiction-free treatment plan for your needs.

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