Activities that Include Medical Marijuana While in Self-Isolation

Staying home all day might be your cup of tea or might be your worst nightmare. Wherever you fit in the space between loving or hating quarantine life, everyone is trying to make do the best they can. Until we are on the other side of self-isolation, it helps to have some activities to do that include medical marijuana as part of the zen process to chill and stay calm through it all. Get some ideas for staying relaxed at home using medical marijuana. 



Qigong is a practice that can help improve the entire body. Hitting all the points of mind, body, and spirit, this practice particularly focuses on helping calm everything down with flowing movements that include breath. Other meditative practices can include a similar focus on the breath without movement or walking meditation, which is focused on meditating while walking at a slower pace. It can feel good to stretch the body and feel the energy flow. It also does the body and spirit good just to open up the energy channels and get things moving. 


Go Global

Language lessons are making a comeback with fun apps like Duolingo. Other apps are out there to learn but this one makes it lots of fun to pick up German, French, Portuguese, and even English for non-English speakers. The fun way of learning makes new word games and memorization less boring than sitting in a classroom but also helps you with social distancing while learning a new language for all that travel you plan to do after self-isolation ends. Add in your favorite strain of cannabis to either entertain yourself or help you learn a little faster. To amp up the learning curve, pop in a few episodes of kids cartoon-like Dora to see how quickly you are learning Spanish. Ole!


KonMari for Minimalists

Minimalism has been making a huge comeback in recent years. Marie Kondo has written a few books and lots of articles on the joy of minimalism. If you want to spark up some cannabis while you clean out those closets, it might help you chill while you throw away your favorite sweater from high school buried in the back (but not worn in 15-20 years). De-cluttering once a season is healthy. With summer coming and not much else to do, it may be a good time to pop in some tunes and bring some joy into your home while smoking some weed to help you relax while you clean.


Be Creative

Any creative endeavor you can think of, give it a try. While smoking marijuana can make some people more mellow, it might give some people more energy to try something new and fun like painting by numbers, adult coloring books, canvas painting with all the essential included, or some other creative outlet. Having a good time is the whole point so don’t stress. Relax, enjoy the process, and maybe a little bit of cannabis, too. 


Mary and Main help you find the right medical marijuana for your situation and circumstances. We understand you have individual needs and desires. Let our professionals find the products to best serve your needs. 


We are here to help you. Call us to get started!

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