How to Get Rid of the Cannabis Smell

Cannabis is a flower with a distinct, powerful aroma. This comes from the compounds in cannabis, like terpenes, which can give off an odor. Not everyone finds the smell of cannabis intoxicating or even inviting. To some, it may be off-putting. When smoking cannabis, it is important to know how to get rid of unwanted smells to avoid getting any comments or dirty looks from co-workers, friends, or loved ones who may not find the smell quite as enticing as you do.


Home Aroma

Similar to tobacco and cigarette smoke, the smell can linger for a while. The smell is a sign that you are using cannabis. Whether people you hang around with know this or not might make a difference as to whether they care about the smell. While cannabis may be consumed for medicinal purposes here in Maryland, there is still a stigma around its use. To be a good neighbor, friend, or partner to someone who is sensitive to the smell, you might want to try a few tricks to get the smell out of your house:

  • Nag Champa incense made from Champa flower, vanilla, honey, and a few other ingredients which can mask the smell of cannabis
  • Patchouli oil: made from small pink and white flowers, the oil has a scent that lingers and creates a more pleasant aroma for some than cannabis
  • Febreeze: odor protection in a bottle that can be bought in any grocery store, sprayed around the house, and nobody is the wiser


Avoid Smell Altogether

Some people choose to try and mask the aroma of cannabis in their homes by masking the smell from the start. A vape pen or any edible is a great way to eliminate the smell of marijuana on your clothes or in your home. They are essentially smokeless and odorless, which helps people who do not want the smell of cannabis in their home or on their person to keep it well contained. 


Hair and Body

One tricky part about smoking cannabis is not having the smell linger in your hair and on your clothes. For breath, try chewing gum with mint flavor. Freshen up breath by brushing teeth and gargling mouthwash. Cologne, body spray, and perfume also work well but use it in small doses.


The biggest thing to remember is that you are using cannabis for your own reasons. Not everyone is going to appreciate or understand, nor do they have to. But if you want to keep the smell and scent of cannabis from lingering in your home or on your clothes, there are ways to get around it quickly and effectively. All you have to do is try a few things around and do what works for you.


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