Can Certain Factors Affect Your High?

A number of personal factors go into feeling the effects of cannabis. Some may prefer a head high, an all over body buzz or a mellow high, all depending on their debilitating illness. The expert agents at Mary and Main are trained to assist you on finding a strain that works with your body and your diagnosis. More and more patients are opting to treat their conditions with medical marijuana, due to minimal side effects that come with the natural medicine. While treating with cannabis, you may be wondering if certain factors affect your high. Here are a few factors that may impact your high:

Your Preferred Consumption Method

When it comes to cannabis consumption, there are a number of methods patients use such as inhalation, oral, or topical. Under these three methods are an umbrella of techniques to consume the THC. Each method provides a unique experience and different effects. For example, eating a medical marijuana brownie will have significant effects when compared to a topical, which has minimal psychoactive effects. A few of these include:

  • Smoking
  • Vaporizing 
  • Cannabis tea
  • Sublingual sprays
  • Edibles
  • Topicals/Salves

THC Dosage

The dosage of an edible or concentrate plays a huge role in the effects your body will feel. It’s important to understand appropriate dosing when treating with medical marijuana, to avoid an unpleasant high. At Mary and Main, we take the time and effort to ensure you understand dosage with your medicine. It is always advised to start with a low dosage and working your way up to a higher dose. 


Everybody experiences the high of cannabis differently. No two people have the same marijuana tolerance. There are a number of factors that play a role in a person’s tolerance level, such as how often you consume marijuana, body chemistry, and how long you have been consuming medical marijuana.


Mary and Main is a fully licensed and certified medical marijuana dispensary located in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Founded by doctors and experienced caregivers, Mary and Main provides safe, premium quality medical cannabis products with exemplary and compassionate service to all certified patients who are suffering from a number of chronic debilitating illnesses. 

Consult with our staff professionals to determine the best opiate-free, addiction-free treatment plan for your needs.

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