Cannabis Policy Summit

Dispensaries are an important dynamic in a wider conversation around minority-owned businesses and reform. The Cannabis Policy Summit was headed by Rita Montoya and seeks to shed light on many issues of equality and justice reform in the cannabis industry. Below is more information about the Cannabis Policy Summit and its goals going forward.

Effects of COVID on the Cannabis Industry

COVID shifted the industry forward in many ways. Prior to COVID, there was growth in the industry but nothing like during the pandemic and since. Marginalized demographics desire space in the industry but are being left out of all the economic benefits of rapid industry growth post pandemic. Going into 2022, there will continue to be immense growth in the industry but people of color continue to fight for their voices to be heard.

Reforming Laws

Dispensaries tend to be ignored when new legislation is developed. The needs and concerns of communities of color need to be addressed in Maryland so they are fair, equitable, and increasingly accessible to grow minority-owned businesses. To do this, more is needed to address criminal justice reform to start. Reforming laws that target people of color will help make cannabis dispensary ownership available to disenfranchised communities often excluded from this work by previous convictions. Expungement of records and increased resources to support people of color can lead to reform and social equity that bring more black and brown communities into a position where they can lead the industry and help make the industry more equitable for everyone.


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