What Are Cannabis Topicals and How Do They Work?

Edibles, smoking, and topicals are various ways to ingest and utilize cannabis. Not everyone is going to like the same method. Cannabis-infused topicals are a newer mode of consumption which makes it more accessible to people who don’t like ingesting or inhaling. Medical cannabis is evolving to meet people’s needs. Find out why topicals appeal to people and how to utilize it for your needs. 


Topical FYI

Before taking topicals, it helps to know more about them. They come in many packages including lotions, balms, and oils absorbed into the skin. People use them for all kinds of reasons but they don’t have the same intoxication factor. This makes some people really like them since they get benefits without negative side effects. The way they work is by harnessing certain terpenes and cannabinoids. Topical relief from pain and other issues can make people feel better faster, without worrying about the use of traditional medical marijuana.


How it Works

Cannabis-infused products provide relief by binding to cannabinoid receptors. These receptors exist in the body and are activated naturally or by a product containing cannabinoids. Because the high is not the same as other types of cannabis, people may gravitate to using it more regularly. Transdermal patches do not deliver cannabinoids into the bloodstream so they could be intoxicating, but other types of topicals will likely not produce this effect. 


Finding Treatment

People search for relief from pain, anxiety, and other conditions through the use of cannabis. With topical cannabis, they can find similar relief for tension and inflammation of the muscles and even headaches or cramping. Menthol and peppermint are popular choices for an infused rub that helps with muscle aches and soreness. A warming balm can combine deep pain killing properties with a combined cooling sensation. Arthritic pain can often become severe for people, making muscles and bones ache. Topical cannabis products can help get rid of inflammation and provide some relief. 


No two topicals are alike, just as no two people or conditions are alike, so it is best to work with a trusted dispensary on finding the best relief for your specific ailment. If you suffer from pain, aches, and other issues, speak to them about using topicals for relief. Because topicals are relatively new, not as much research has been done on it. More needs to be discovered about this important medicinal support for people who crave relief but don’t like traditional means of using cannabis. Why not give it a try. It is worth it to find help for what ails you and it might just make the difference you were seeking. 


Mary and Main wants to help you make the most informed choice possible. If you are not sure what to choose, we will help you make the choice that is right for you. Give us a call to get started today. 

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