Does Medical Marijuana Help Glaucoma?

Medical marijuana is used to help treat a variety of diseases in the state of Maryland, including glaucoma. It is important to look at all treatment options when coming forward with your disease, as over-the-counter drugs may no longer be the most effective option. So, does medical marijuana help treat glaucoma?

What is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma is an eye condition in which the optic nerve becomes damaged over time. This optic nerve is responsible for carrying visual information from the eye to the brain. As the nerve becomes damaged, it often reduces vision and many times can lead to blindness if left untreated. Glaucoma is typically caused by high pressure in the eye, making the treatment goal to lower eye pressure to help ease the nerve. Treatments to lower the pressure typically involve prescription eye drops, or surgery depending on the severity.

Medical Marijuana VS Glaucoma

Despite the treatments that are available to help lower the pressure of the eye, such as prescription eye drops or laser surgery, there are some patients who do not have success in these treatment plans. In these situations, patients and their doctors will look at alternative options such as medical marijuana. Medical marijuana has been used as a treatment option for glaucoma due to cannabis naturally lowering eye pressure. Research has found that when marijuana is ingested it does lower eye pressure but only for a short period of time, typically lasting three to four hours. For patients who prefer alternatives to smoking multiple times a day, there are other options to consume THC. Consider speaking to your physician or trusted medical marijuana dispensary about different ways to consume cannabis, allowing you to find a method that fits with your schedule.

If you are a Maryland resident and are suffering from glaucoma, consider registering for your Maryland medical card today. Alternative treatment options are available and have proven to show success in patients.



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