Edibles 101: Dosage and Consumption

Edibles are a popular option for many who are looking to consume cannabis without inhaling smoke into their lungs. Essentially, edibles are food items that are made with cannabis flower or concentrates. When consuming THC through food, the properties are then absorbed through the digestive system which may take longer to feel the effects. The effects may onset as quickly as 45 minutes or can take up to 3 hours, where the potency effects will gradually increase.


What Is a Dose?

The potency of an edible is measured differently than that of cannabis flower or concentrates, where the percentage usually states the amount of THC. Instead, the potency of edibles are measured by the milligram (mg) amount of cannabinoids within the product. The packaging will state the milligrams per serving size and the milligrams of the entire package.


How to Find the Right Dose

When finding the right dosage for your body, it’s important to speak with your trusted medical marijuana caregiver at your local dispensary. They will help you start with the correct dosage, guiding you in the right direction. It’s always recommended to start a low dose for those new to medical marijuana, typically beginning at 1mg.


How Edibles Work

Once an edible has been consumed, it is then absorbed through the digestive system, where the THC compounds are then metabolized into the liver. This process usually takes 45 minutes to 3 hours.

The diversity of marijuana edibles are quickly expanding, allowing you to infuse anything that calls for butter or oil, such as cookies, brownies, bread, and much more! The key to ingesting edibles is to be aware of your dosing. It’s important to start with caution with a low dose and being patient, as edibles take longer to kick in.



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