Find Out the Journey of Cannabis from Seed to Capsule

Cannabis is an interesting drug that has taken quite a journey. People are wanting to learn more about cannabis, how it is made, and how it can benefit them. When someone looks at a capsule with cannabis inside, perhaps they are not interested in how it got there. Education about products and how they are made can help people understand their use and how they are created to benefit people’s needs. Find out more about the journey from seed to the capsule and why this information is helpful. 


A Little Seed

In early spring, the cannabis journey starts by cracking the seeds. Come early fall, the harvest can begin. When the farmer cuts the plant, they have to cure it for a few weeks. The trimmer’s bench is next as it makes its way to the next step in the process. While this process seems unimportant, it needs time to cure so the seed can grow into the best cannabis product it can become. 

seedsTrimming Process

Once the seed leaves the farm, it goes for trimming. Material is divided into A, B, and trim. The products are labeled and separated so they can be trimmed up for consumption. Working the plant, as it is called, takes some finesse to be processed properly, tagged, and sent for the next part of the journey. Trimming gets it into proper shape as it makes the final trip to the finished capsule consumers can purchase. 


Encapsulating Process

Before the plant hits a dispensary, it passes through one more place to be made into capsules. Once the flower goes there, it is weighed and processed. Cannabis starts to degrade once it grows. Being in the sun also causes degradation. This natural process is part of the journey, but the goal is to get it into capsules quickly. Here, THCa is turned into THC by blending it up and putting it through a low heat decarboxylation process. By minimizing degradation, the processor can retain important parts of the plant like terpenes, flavonoids, and other elements that make it so great for the end consumer. Further testing is done to look for potency and terpenes before being encapsulated in a machine with help from the hands of some essential workers in the process. 


High-Quality Products

To get high-quality products, there are lots of steps on the journey. This begins with a seed and ends with a capsule, but lots of work goes into it in between. It is not easy to navigate all the laws and legalities associated with cannabis. Highly regulated, it is an industry that is still growing and teaching people how the process works to bring them high-quality products on the market. End consumers are the goal, with products in mind that will serve their needs and help them feel better. Education about the process helps consumers make the best decisions when they walk into dispensaries and know how the seeds came to be in their hands and know they were cultivated with love and care by folks all along the journey. 


Mary and Main only select the best products for consumers. If you are struggling with a certain ailment or want high-quality products to help you feel better, we are here to help. Our professionals can educate you on how cannabis is made and encapsulated as well as how other forms of cannabis come to be. We are here to help you. Call us to find out how to get started. 

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