Here Are Some Interesting Reasons Eyes Can Turn Red from Using Weed

Among the side effects using weed can cause, red eyes may not be a top concern for people. For others, they may not want to ‘give away’ they are using weed to family, friends, or co-workers and worry about this side effect. Although it is common, there is some mystery to how it actually happens. Find out more about how red eyes happen with the use of weed and what to do if it happens.


Red Eye FAQ

Bloodshot, or red, eyes can cause some people to be suspicious of its use. To them, it may seem like they are putting their ocular health at risk using marijuana. For others, they may simply be concerned about it but not enough to lose sleep. For people who regularly consume it or are new and just want to know, red eyes are nothing to be overly concerned about. For one, it is not an allergic reaction or complication. Even if people notice and make fun of someone with red eyes, it is not detrimental to a person’s health. After consumption of any cannabis-based product, a person will experience heart rate, and blood pressure increases. Cannabis contains cannabinoids, chemical compounds responsible for the medicinal benefits of cannabis. They also interact with the body by causing things like bloodshot eyes. The dilation of ocular capillaries creates increased blood flow to the eyes. From this, a person’s eyes may turn red.


Edibles and Red Eye

Edibles are products consumers can buy with cannabis in them. Some people enjoy eating chocolates or other foods with cannabis for various reasons. It is not the smoke itself that makes a person’s eyes turn red while smoking cannabis. This is a myth people have believed. Cannabinoids can lower blood pressure, which causes blood vessels and capillaries to dilate. Ingesting edibles, for this reason, may make a person’s eyes red. It all depends on the amount of THC consumed as to how much blood pressure is lowered. With higher concentrations of THC comes stronger effects of red eyes.


Looking Ahead

The outlook is bright for people who consume cannabis. They don’t have to be concerned about their bloodshot eyes giving away their favorite pastime or medicinal use of cannabis. Red eyes can be a sign the cannabis a person uses has a high cannabinoid content. If a person wants to review their use with a licensed provider or doctor, they may be able to advise on how to navigate this challenging, but not detrimental, side effect. There is no reason to be concerned as it can go away within just a few hours. Some eye drops are designed for this use or sunglasses may help if a person wants to shield their eyes from the public. Discuss it with a professional at a dispensary or practitioner who can offer advice on the best way to navigate bloodshot eyes if it continues to make you feel uncomfortable.


The use of cannabis for medicinal purposes is growing. Mary and Main encourage you to stop by and speak with a professional who can help you navigate the methods and types of cannabis we offer for consumption. We can also help navigate tricky challenges you might face with red eyes or other concerns. Call us today to get started.

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