How Can I Keep My Medical Marijuana Fresh?

Congratulations! You have been approved for a medical card in the state of Maryland and can now treat your debilitating illnesses with an all natural approach. Once you have visited a licensed physician to obtain your written certificate, it’s time to visit a trusted Maryland medical marijuana dispensary. When purchasing medical marijuana, patients often choose to buy enough medicine to get them through the week. Although cannabis does not have an expiration date, there are still tips and tricks you can practice to keep your medical marijuana fresh and potent. 

 When Storing Medical Marijuana, Avoid:

The two most important factors that affect cannabis are the exposure to oxygen and light levels. The two common mistakes patients often make when storing medical marijuana are leaving their flower lying on countertops or storing them in a plastic bag. Both of these methods can dry out the flower and decrease the freshness. When moisture is pulled from the bud, it will lower the integrity of the strain, where you then will not feel the best effects.

Keep Your Medical Marijuana Fresh

The best way to store cannabis is in a sealed tight container located in a slightly cool, dark place. The idea temperature to store your medicine is right below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If a room is too hot or high in humidity, there is a chance that mold and mildew will grow on your flower. It’s important to find a balance between storing cannabis in a room that isn’t too dry, but not too humid. 

Ultimately, the secret to extending the shelf life of your medical marijuana is limiting it’s exposure time to outside factors. The good news, is that there are a variety of sealed containers available for consumers to protect cannabis from the harsh elements such as heat, light, and exposure. 

Mary and Main is a fully licensed and certified medical marijuana dispensary located in Capitol Heights, Maryland. Founded by doctors and experienced caregivers, Mary and Main provides safe, premium quality medical cannabis products with exemplary and compassionate service to all certified patients who are suffering from a number of chronic debilitating illnesses. 

Consult with our staff professionals to determine the best opiate-free, addiction-free treatment plan for your needs. 

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