How Medical Cannabis Is Helping Insomnia Patients Sleep

About 50% of the American adult population experiences sleeping problems. According to one study, the consumption of medical marijuana results in improvements in insomnia. Good sleep is something that every person requires. After a stressful day, it may take forever to get some sleep. As we age, the severity of insomnia also worsens, and each year after puberty, it becomes harder to fall asleep.

Insomnia has adverse side effects, and it leaves us with low energy, fatigue, anxiety, decreased performance and difficulty concentrating. Some of the leading causes of insomnia are medications, clinical issues like depression, shift work and the sleeping environment. There is no disputing that when suffering from insomnia, most of us go for over-the-counter medications. Unfortunately, these medications do not always help, and most of them cause adverse side effects. Others such as melatonin, antihistamines, and valerian are less dangerous but also less effective. These disappointments can leave people with insomnia feeling frustrated and willing to experiment with different sleep therapies.

The internet provides many claims that cannabis, or one of its components (THC or CBD), can help to treat insomnia and give you a good night’s sleep. So, if you are looking forward to better sleep, then getting cheap marijuana seeds for growing might be a good start. Let’s look at the relationship between cannabis and insomnia and if it’s helpful. 

Cannabis and Insomnia

Most people in the medical marijuana community refer to medical cannabis as an effective treatment, with no or little side effects, for various sleeping disorders. Medical cannabis is an effective sleep aid as it restores the natural sleep of a person, which often falls out of patterns due to the schedules in these modern lifestyles. 

Cannabis induces a state of drowsiness and relaxation that could help to induce sleep. It acts as a sedative in low doses and can improve sleep. Although the research on this issue is still young, some researchers contend that CBD can treat anxiety. Visit a best cbd review site to look up more answers.

A 2019 study investigated if CBD could reduce stress and improve sleep. In the study, the researchers experimented with 72 patients suffering from anxiety and 25 patients undergoing sleep issues. The researchers gave each subject 25mg of CBD in the form of a capsule that they ingested every day. By the end of the first month, more than half of the patients reported better sleep and lower anxiety.

Pain is one of the causes of poor sleeping habits, and medical marijuana can help. The findings of a 2018 review show that there is enough evidence to link CBD and pain. It improves sleep by reducing chronic pain. For example, in one study, half of the cancer patients reported having sleeping problems due to illness. Upon receiving a dose of medical cannabis, they improve in terms of less pain and better sleep quality. It is, therefore, clear that medical cannabis is helping patients to sleep sooner, more prolonged and achieve a better quality of sleep.

It is imperative to note that patients with Parkinson’s disease suffer from REM behavior disorder. It means that they can hurt themselves due to a disruption in the sleep cycle. However, research from 2014 investigated four patients with the condition and reports that medical cannabis improved the symptoms of REM sleep disorder that leads to nightmares and poor sleep. These findings prove that CBD affects the sleep cycle.

No matter what is preventing you from sleeping, medical cannabis can be the best solution for you. The analgesic properties of marijuana may provide some relief to people suffering from too much pain. Its anti-anxiety components can relax the mind and body of a stressed person.

How Can I Use Medical Cannabis for Sleep?

You can take CBD in various ways including;

  • Edibles, such as gummies
  • Capsules and pills
  • Tinctures and oils
  • Vape concentrates 

Most people choose to ingest various weed types by smoking it with a pipe or a joint. However, if you do not enjoy smoking, you can try vaping or tinctures. Both of them are common methods of using medical marijuana for sleep. Generally, vaping gets marijuana into your system faster compared to other forms.

Another question that comes to mind is how much marijuana to use. It may require some experimentation to determine the dosage that is right for you. Whether it is vaping or smoking, you will want to start with just a few puffs. Ensure that you are taking moderate doses that are just enough to get you to sleep. Also, try not to make it a routine to use marijuana always for sleep. This implies that you can use it for one cycle, take a break and then continue. Moreover, the dosages you require also depends on various factors. It depends on your body reaction, your weight and the nature of your sleeping troubles. Once you understand this with the help of an expert, you will come up with the right dose for yourself. 

Timing is also crucial when it comes to this product, especially for sleep uses. At times, they may kick in an hour or three hours later. Moreover, it can also affect you longer than you want, in turn, making you tired in the morning. Due to this, it is good to ingest it for at least one hour before bedtime so that it can work in the next one to three hours and help you fall asleep.

However, if your insomnia is getting severe, it’s better to consult a medical professional immediately. What’s more, you can get marijuana with various flavors and if you like strawberry, then strawberry cough seeds at ILGM won’t disappoint. 


Based on the studies reviewed above, there is enough evidence to show that it has sedative and analgesic effects. It will make you drowsy and have a good night’s sleep. For people who pain is preventing them from getting sleep, you can vape or smoke and enjoy that quality sleep. However, at all times, ensure that you consult with your doctor to get the right dosage. Your body size and body interaction all affect the amount required. If you doubt the purity or integrity of the purchased product, follow the steps of reading a CBD lab report to guide you. Also, since you want to use it for sleeping, you better take it for at least one hour before bedtime so that the effects can kick in just in time for your nap.

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