How to Roll a Joint

Rolling a joint can be satisfying and relaxing. Working a bit at learning how to roll a joint can make the taste sweeter and more rewarding. Even if you’ve never tried your hand at using marijuana rolling papers or DIY hacks for rolling a joint, now is always a good time to try. This step-by-step guide can be a great place to start getting the hang of rolling so you can move on to more advanced moves like learning how to roll a cross joint and using a marijuana rolling machine. All in due time. Let’s get started with the basics. 

Joint Rolling Gear and Ingredients

Now that you’ve come to the conclusion you want to learn how to roll marijuana, get the right gear and ingredients. Start with .5 grams of cannabis flower. One large bud or a few smaller ones from any strain you prefer will do. Grab a good grinder, an essential tool to get an even burn and make rolling a joint easier. Scissors or knives work but a good grinder can never be a bad purchase. Some other gear to grab:

  • Marijuana rolling papers with standard, basic papers made from rice or hemp
  • Filter material or a thin piece of cardboard, index card, or business card
  • Marijuana rolling trays if you want a clean, flat surface. A decent rolling tray or clean countertop can help keep things organized 
  • Decent packing tool to pack down ground-up weed into the paper (could be a pen or makeup pencil)
  • Marijuana rolling machine

Now that you have the equipment at your disposal, let’s put it to good use and start rolling some joints. 

How to Roll a Joint Hack

Getting started on rolling joints just takes a few simple hacks to get it done. Use the grinder to start but don’t over grind or you’ll end up with fine powder. The kief catcher chamber on most grinders can catch it but sometimes it just takes some extra attention to grind it at the right amount to keep things rolling smoothly. Set up the filter next to make sure the joints stay together and keep loose weeds from spilling out. Tear off a rectangular sheet and fold one edge back and forth. Think about an accordion with a w-shape in the middle. 

Once you’ve got this part done, wrap the final piece of paper around the accordion portion and make it look like a tiny paper straw with a ‘w’ in the middle. 

You’re almost ready to get rolling. Place the filter on either end of the rolling paper and fold the edges lengthwise. Fill the ‘u’ shaped paper (think holding a hot dog) with the ground-up weed in both hands. 

Start the rolling by pinching edges together, using your thumbs, and rolling paper back and forth to compact the weed. Tuck in the edges so it’s wrapped around the bud and tighten it up. You don’t want loose pieces falling out. Wrap the rest of the paper as you roll and finish it off with a lick on the glued edges of the paper to seal. 

Now you’re ready to pinch the edge of the paper, twist, and smoke. 

Marijuana Rolling Machine

A rolling machine will have a tray to hold the cannabis and a roller to press it into the paper. The machine seals everything with a filter and is a quick and easy hack for taking elbow grease out of the process. Every roll can be a perfect one with a machine but not everybody likes to use one. Some prefer the tactile experience of rolling their joints. 

Marijuana Pre-Roll Packs

Marijuana pre-roll packs or ‘prerolls’ are joints prepared by a vendor or dispensary that are done for you. Prerolls are consumer-ready and take out the hassle of grinding, rolling, and sealing up your joints. These joints are strain-specific and vary in potency and weight. If you want to control these variables, it may be better to roll them yourself or customize them another way. 


Keep practicing at the roll. Every time it gets easier and more satisfying to control the outcome. If you struggle to get the hang of it, don’t worry. Buying prerolls is not cheating. Give it a try and if it doesn’t work out, that’s okay but at least you know you gave it your best effort. 

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