What is Marijuana Wax?

Cannabis wax is popular because many people feel the benefits from it, making it great for all kinds of situations. Everything from pain management, insomnia, anxiety, and more are reasons people turn to marijuana wax. Many wax concentrates are over 90% THC, making them desirable for the effects it has but also making it very potent. Find out more about how to smoke marijuana wax and what makes it so desirable. 

How to Smoke Marijuana Wax

Wax is a type of cannabis concentrate with an opaque appearance. Wax is named for its appearance and texture. Depending on many things like moisture and temperature, wax can take on many forms but mostly a wax feels like shattering. The different ways to smoke wax can include: 

  • A dab rig: use a blowtorch to heat the nail, spread the wax around it, and start inhaling. Scoop up the little blob of wax that forms around the nail and inhale
  • Nectar collector: use trays or dishes designed for this type of dabbing like glass or silicone. Place some dab into the tray, use a blowtorch, and when it heats up, inhale and drag the hot nail across the wax. It will instantly vaporize so you get vapor without letting any escape
  • Vaporizer: drop a bit of wax into a heating chamber or spread it into heating coils. Drop some wax into a heated coil and turn on the vaporizer, put the temp, and then use the mouthpiece to inhale the vapor produced
  • Added to a joint or blunt: roll it into a long line like a snake and place it on top of the joint and roll. For bowls, drop some wax on top of cannabis and smoke as normal

Marijuana Wax Pen

Smoking is not the only way to enjoy marijuana. A more potent and intense form of enjoying marijuana is to use a marijuana wax pen. People like to use wax pens because they are portable and don’t ‘smoke’ with the aroma in public or at home. Concentrates are almost odorless but still potent. Wax pens can be carried anywhere, anytime, making them an effective way to enjoy marijuana discreetly. 

How is Marijuana Wax Made

Wax comes from an extraction process where THC is packed into a substance made from pure THC. The wax varies in texture and potency but mostly is sticky and waxy. Cannabis wax can contain up to 90% THC so it is desirable for people who really love the high that comes along with it. Wax can be really helpful for people with serious medical conditions or chronic health issues that seek fast relief. Marijuana wax is made by hitting the plant with butane or solvents and extracting the THC into a highly-concentrated resin. The resulting product is sticky and wax-like which is used in different ways. Mostly used by people who are experienced in chemical processes, it is a complicated process and requires some know-how to create it safely and effectively. 

Marijuana Wax vs Dab

One of the ways cannabis wax can be consumed is using a dab rig, which is a water bong with a nail attached. A nail is a bong attachment with materials made to help burn the wax on the surface. Marijuana wax uses an attachable concentrate chamber and atomizer to vaporize the wax or concentrate. This requires high temperatures just like dab pens do, anywhere from 315 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Dangers of Dabbing

Dabbing can have its risks and dangers. Extraction is not for the faint of heart. At worst, an explosion is possible due to flammable gasses. The temps are high and chemicals being used can be combustible. It is also dangerous due to high levels of THC. Some test as high as 80 to 90 percent THC. While great for a high buzz, it may not be great for others and can be downright dangerous. Typical marijuana comes in at around 12 percent THC versus 90 percent at the highest point for dabs. The wax can be put into edibles and it is harder to control how much is ingested with edibles. 


Don’t be fooled by thinking smoking a joint is the only way to enjoy marijuana. It can be enjoyed in many ways as long as you are going about it safely. If you aren’t sure how to use the extraction process for waxing or dabbing, speak to someone who can help or use other forms that are safer. A qualified professional can advise on all things weed as long as you’re willing to ask (and perhaps ask the right questions).

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