Popular Marijuana Strains

Given all the strains of cannabis on the market, it can be hard to know which to choose. With all the choices, it helps to have a list of what most people are choosing as popular strains of marijuana in 2022. Some never go out of style while others hit the market fast and furious with lots of fanfare. Aside from their popularity, the following popular strains are also recognized for their quality, medicinal benefits, and potency. 

Popular Weed Strains

Blue Dream is a Sativa-dominant hybrid originating from California. THC content can be as much as 18% with a nice balanced buzz. Many people like Blue Dream as a daytime hybrid strain, especially for social use, and reports from people who use it that it helps them feel productive. 

Green Crack is potent, with a long-lasting delivery that will keep people up but not feel tired. A satisfying Sativa, it tastes of mango and fruit with a punch of energy to make it a favorite of those who enjoy the heightened energy.

Northern Lights comes from Northern California with great effects people have loved for a long time. Known as a pure Indica, Northern Lights offers relaxation and a sense of peace from smoking it. People who need help sleeping or resting find this a great strain. Also used to treat chronic pain and stress.

Blueberry has won awards for its classic elements as a strain that people love for its blueberry flavor and euphoric guy. Medicinally, it is used for the treatment of pain and stress. This strain has been around since the 70s with long-lasting effects. 

Check out some of Mary and Main’s most popular strains.

Trending Strains 2022

Get prepared for the great American smoke out of 2022 with these amazing strains. Trending strains of 2022 are showing off their breathtaking qualities. These strains were selected based on data from growers, seed bank newsletters, and people who review strains after trying them out themselves. Here are some of the most trendy strains of 2022:

  • Jokerz: hints of fruit and spice with THC Indica hybrid effects with a scent reminiscent of purple candied pine trees. A great strain for relaxing and taking a break
  • Rainbow Belts: grown by LA Family Farms, this strain offers tropical fruity notes and uplifting hybrid effects to steal away the blues for those with depressive symptoms or needing a bit of a lift
  • Hella Jelly: a beautiful rush of blue cotton candy, strawberries, and grapes. Enjoy this Sativa strain that flowers like an Indica. A major seed seller in multiple states, lovers of this strain go for the fruity notes with a heavy-hitting high
  • Oreoz: Sweetness topped with chocolate fun, this hybrid from Michigan crossed Cookies n Cream to Secret Weapon, offering an otherworldly high due to high THC levels. Great for those seeking elevated mood or a euphoric feeling that lasts for quite some time while also tasting a bit like Oreo mud pie

Feeling the Strain

Now that some of the most trendy strains are identified, it is time to look at what else Mary and Main have to offer. Medical cannabis is taking off because people find it not only helps their ailments but also makes them feel good. Take some time to learn about the trending strains of 2022, popular marijuana strains, and what specific strains people are looking for to help them feel better.  

Rhythm Dosido

Look to this sativa to offer a straight-shooting strain with immediate impact. This strain is preferred by top smokers who are used to the high notes it hits. Probably not the best strain for newbies or starters. Produced by mixing several strains like Girl Scout cookies and Faceoff OG, the Dosido strain provides euphoric feelings that can also bring people down and relax. THC content rests around 30%, higher than most, so just one hit or two should do it. Rich flavor with sweet berries and spices make it a popular choice for heavy hitters wanting to Netflix (smoke) and chill.

Black Afghan Terp

Calming strain in the Indica family can help aid in sleepiness and relaxation. Black Afghan weed flowers as jade with pine tree-shaped colas, the profile is a mix of pepper, sage, and dark berries. Expect a heady buzz that gives you munchies and leaves you wanting to be a couch potato for a bit after. Perfect for late afternoon or before bed. Indica dominant hybrid with a THC of 22%. Slow burn but fills the body with relaxation towards the end and leaves a joyful haze of peaceful calm on the finish. 

Jack Herer

The rhythm Jack Herer strain is named after a cannabis activist who wrote an influential book about cannabis decriminalization and legalization. Sensi Seeds developed this sativa-dominant hybrid nearly 40 years ago and has maintained its popularity ever since. Orange-lemon scent and taste make it a flavorful strain that lets smokers relax but still be present and not float away on clouds. Appealing flavor and well-rounded effects see it used for medical and recreational purposes. Rounds out to about 15-24% THC.

Jade Og Strain

Check out this sativa dominant strain rocking up to 24% THC. Jade OG or Jade Kush is thought to be a child of OG Kush. It offers bright green appearances with subtle yellow overtones. The flavor is classic Kush with hints of pine and earth mixed with lemon. Provides some with a high and others feel more clear-headed and relaxed. The perfect strain for people who are battling migraines or headaches, chronic pain, fatigue, and depressive conditions or symptoms. 

Diesel Dough Strain

Diesel Dough is a sativa dominant hybrid strain bred from crossing Sour Diesel with Do-Si-Dos. Flavorful and packed with sweet and nutty hints, many people love the energy they get from Diesel with uplifting effects. Not one to make you relax and chill, people who suffer from appetite loss, nausea, chronic fatigue, or depression may love the lift and feel energized throughout the day. 

Missing About

What’s up with the kids these days? Mids are a halfway point between low-grade and top-shelf cannabis. Mids are not greater or less than their counterparts just because they hang out in the mid-section of strains. Most are grown in the United States with few stems and seeds and tend to be greener than most strains. Flavors balance easily between light and heavy hitters in that department and offer a higher cannabinoid concentration with recreational highs and medicinal benefits. Expect some great in-between experiences from highs to lows but nothing that will push boundaries at either end of totally spaced out to maximally jazzed and racing through the day. Try mid-weed strains for middle-of-the-road consistency that still leaves you wanting to come back for more.

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