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When most people think of cannabis holidays, 420 comes to mind, but there’s another holiday that many cannabis aficionados celebrate.  710, or July 10th, focuses on highlighting cannabis in all its forms, particularly oils, concentrates, and dabs.

710 still isn’t as well-known or as popular as 420 and only dates back to 2012. Compared with 420, there are also fewer mainstream pop culture references to 710. However, 710 awareness continues to gain popularity each year. 

This year, we put together a basic guide to help you celebrate 710 to the fullest. Whether it’s your first time hearing about 710 or you’re a 710 veteran, the information below is sure to be helpful.

What is 710?

710 is considered to be a holiday that celebrates consuming cannabis through oil products including dabs and concentrates. Oils can include hash oil, shatter, wax, resin and more. 710 has grown into the second-largest weed holiday after 4/20. 710 is celebrated both on July 10 and specifically at 7:10 a.m. or p.m. While it is a more niche holiday, many dispensaries in legalized states will provide their customers with 710-related discounts to commemorate the occasion.

710 vs. 420

If this is your first time hearing about 710, you’re probably wondering what, if anything, makes this cannabis day different from 420. Although both days honor cannabis culture and promote the many benefits of cannabis, there are several differences. 

420 centers around all forms of cannabis and tends to be more general. 710 focuses on cannabis oil, concentrates, extracts, and dabs. In fact, some refer to 710 as International Dab Day. This means that many retailers will emphasize oils, concentrates, extracts, and dabs. 

If you are new to dabbing, you may want to start by looking into the following: 

  • Dabbing basics
  • Alternative uses for cannabis oil, extracts, and concentrates
  • Information about CBD oil
  • Information about specific cannabis blends used in oils, extracts, concentrates, and dabs

What Is a Dab?

Dabs are concentrated doses of cannabis that are made by extracting THC by using carbon dioxide, resulting in a sticky oil known as wax. Essentially, dabbing is vaporization of cannabis concentrates once applied to a hot surface and inhaled. Although dabbing is a rising trend in the cannabis world, it isn’t for everyone. 

What Tools are Needed?

Dabbing technology is forever evolving, but the traditional setup includes the following items:

  • Cannabis Extract. These may come in a variety of forms, but most commonly known as wax or shatter. The professional staff at your medical marijuana dispensary can help direct you towards the best cannabis extract option.
  • Dab Rig. Similar to a water pipe, you will need a dab rig to inhale the vapor. A dab rig comes with the appropriate pieces needed to smoke the wax.
  • Nail. A nail is what the wax is placed in once it is hot enough to vaporize. Some popular nails are made from ceramic, with titanium being the most popular.
  • Torch. Torches are perfect for heating the nail to the appropriate temperature.
  • Dabber. This is the tool used to apple the dab.

How Much Oil Do I Use To Dab?

When deciding how much wax to use when dabbing, it’s important to consider the THC concentrate in the extract. When purchasing from a trusted medical marijuana dispensary, a staff member will guide you with measurement suggestions based on the concentrate. However, it is typically recommended to start with a small dose and increase in time.


710 is a great day to promote cannabis culture and focus on the world of dabbing. Our professional budtenders at Mary and Main are standing by to help. 

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