Safety First: Mary and Main Updates for COVID-19

The health and safety of our staff and customers have always been top priorities for us and continue to be so during this current crisis. Please know that we are taking the necessary precautions in order to keep our dispensary sanitized and safe for everyone. 

We are still open during our normal business hours, but we highly encourage ALL patients to Order Ahead and utilize our Curbside Pick-Up Option. 

Patients will still be able to purchase in-store, however, we will only be allowing 1 patient in the Experience Room (dispensary floor) and 1 patient in the lobby at any given time. We will form a line outside of the store for additional patients. 

Order Ahead Instructions:

  • Place an order online at
  • Include the color, make, and model of your vehicle in the notes section if you are utilizing the Curbside Pick-Up Option. If not, skip this step.
  • Place your order like normal through our online menu 
    • Discounts (First time patient, Senior, Veteran, Hospice, Industry) will be applied after the order is placed.
  • You will receive a notification when your order is available for pick up (this will include your final cost including your discount).
    • Hypur and an ATM will still be available for in-store pick up ONLY

If you are also doing Curbside Pick-Up (highly encouraged):

  • We are asking that Curbside patients bring exact change. Check your final receipt for the exact amount of your purchase.  We will make change as needed, however, it is strongly encouraged to bring exact change at the time of pick up. 
  • Once you arrive at Mary and Main, park in one of the spots designated for Curbside Pick-Up. 
  • An Experience Agent will come to your car, check your government issued ID and/or MMCC medical card to verify your identity, and complete the transaction.

Hypur (cashless debit payments) will only be available for In-Store pick up options, however, we are still encouraging ALL patients to Order Ahead so that we can keep the traffic inside of the store to a minimum. 

Health and Safety Practices

It’s important that everyone adhere to the CDC’s recommendations for proper health and safety during this trying time.  Here at Mary and Main, we’re taking sanitation and social distancing very seriously for the benefit of our staff, customers, and community. This includes:

  • Continuing to follow good hygiene protocols and implementing proactive strategies to minimize exposure, including continued cleanliness and sanitation of all facilities and personal sanitation of all employees. 
  • Employees are required to undergo thorough handwashing and hand sanitation, and are required to wear a fresh pair of sanitized gloves whenever near or in direct contact with exposed products. 
  • Implementing a strict wellness policy that no team member attends work unless they are 100% well. 

It is during times like these that we rediscover that we are all connected and it’s more important than ever to treat your neighbors with kindness, patience, and understanding while we all work through this together. From our family to yours, please take care of each other, take good care of yourself, and stay positive. We will get through this. 

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