Cannabis treatments are extremely personal. What one person does to help their condition is not going to look the same for the next person. Even if it was their twin sibling, each person is unique. Tracking treatment progress and how things are working (or perhaps not working so well) helps make things go more smoothly. To get the most out of the experience, here are some key things to keep in mind as you track your cannabis treatment. Get a Plan While not everyone likes to write things down and keep a planner handy, it can be really helpful when receiving treatment. You may find yourself trying different varieties, strains, and products so it is very important to find what works and note that. It also helps to note where there are any negative reactions, responses, or just dislikes of any particular brands, products, and strains. Today one thing might work and next week you might not like it or it is not as effective. Keeping track helps make sure you get the right cannabis for your situation. Some tips: Sit down with your provider and come up with a plan Create an easy way to track it Share the plan regularly with the provider and keep it handy for other doctors your might be seeing Effectiveness of Treatment The main reason people use cannabis is that it works better than other stuff they have tried. If it is not working, then it helps to note that. It might take some tweaking of strains or varieties to find just the right amount and kind of cannabis. As your condition shifts, so, too, should your cannabis use including dosage. One of the best ways to track the effectiveness of your cannabis is by writing things down in some type of workbook or daily journal. Jot it Down Life gets busy. It is going to be hard to remember one day to the next how you felt or what was happening at the moment. Writing down some notes can help, especially on products and dosages. When you remember how much medicine you took, it helps you dial in on how much you’re consuming and come up with a plan that works for you. This might mean making last-minute changes, short-term adjustments, or long-range planning for your specific condition. Some key things to note in your journal: Product: what type of strain, name, and when it was used Timing: date and time of use Dosage: how much is used, including notation of THC and CBD separately Length: what the effects are (positive and negative) and how long they last Description: how it makes you feel, what you like, and what was not working so well What is also helpful to note in a journal is what you were doing that day, what you ate, how much you slept, and any changes in daily habits. It might also help to note any stressors, factors that influenced when you took the medication (like forgetting to take it first thing in the morning), and any personal things happening in life right now. All these are factors in your use of cannabis. Don’t hesitate to bring up any concerns with your cannabis professional and doctors. They are here to help make this the best experience possible. Mary and Main help you find the right product for your circumstances. We are here to help you navigate the products we provide. We are here to help educate you, inform you of your choices, and support your decisions along the way. Please give us a call to let us help you get started on the journey.
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Keeping Track of Your Cannabis Treatment

Cannabis treatments are extremely personal. What one person does to help their condition is not going to look the same […]