The Highest Education: College Degrees in Cannabis

Colleges and universities are seen by some as symbols of experimentation. People go there to try new things, invent something, try out new theories, and maybe dive headfirst into things like drinking alcohol with friends or trying marijuana. Nowadays, academia is diving into a new area of business: teaching people about cannabis. The educational path for how to grow, sell and distribute legal cannabis is growing with more people than ever curious about how to learn the trade. Find out more about cannabis education. 


Studying Cannabis on Campus

Many states are recognizing the medicinal properties of marijuana and lessening prohibition. This means more professionals can step up to the plate and offer their services and products. There is a lot of money to be had in growing and selling medicinal marijuana, but people also get into it because they really want to help others. Having some business acumen can make the job easier and growth is expected to continue for a long time to come. With this in mind, more campuses are offering courses, classes, certifications, and degrees in how to grow a cannabis business. 


How Students Can Study Cannabis

Students can get involved with the study of cannabis by majoring in it at college. Medicinal plant chemistry courses, the physiology of cannabis, and more are being offered on campuses around the country. Hard work will be required to get some degrees, including organic chemistry and genetics classes, but all the work will pay off once the business is up and running or that person is hired to work in the field. Other means to study cannabis can include:

  • Biology coursework on plant life, botany, horticulture, environmental quality, and other things which might help a student learn about the human body and pathology
  • Healthcare: medical research, therapy, and treatment are areas that are growing with regards to cannabis. A nurse, practicing doctor, or other professional will be an asset to any business selling cannabis products
  • Business Administration: this is a huge area of growth for the field of cannabis including how to run a solid business, scaling, and dealing with all the regulations. With a focus on legalized marijuana, a person with a business background could do really well in this 


Why Professionals Are Needed

The legal market for cannabis keeps expanding. There is an enormous opportunity to get in while the seeds are still being sown, to so speak. Professionals can help extol the virtues of health and relaxation for people who need cannabis. With professional backgrounds, people can set themselves apart in the marketplace and assure themselves longevity in the market. Even if medical marijuana is becoming more mainstream, it does not mean there is not still a stigma. The more the profession is taken seriously with educated budtenders and others out there, the more stigma will subside. Growth in the profession can only help business owners realize the hidden potential of the market they are in to help others with high-quality cannabis that continues to serve people’s needs for a long time to come. 


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