University of Maryland Offers Nation’s First Degree Program in Medical Marijuana

If you find yourself interested in studying medical marijuana, consider applying to the University of Maryland! The University of Maryland School of Pharmacy is the Nation’s first college to offer a two year medical cannabis program. The school currently has 150 students enrolled as they begin to study marijuana from all angles including clinical care, science, and policy. The majority of classes are online, however, students are required to visit the University numerous times throughout the program for face-to-face experiences. This program is designed to prepare students with an understanding of the basic science and clinical uses of the plant. 



Are you interested in a career in the medical cannabis industry?

If you find yourself exploring the clinical, scientific, or policy role of marijuana, you will greatly benefit from this online program. This cannabis program provides students with:

  • Basic science (pharmacology, chemistry, and medical cannabis delivery systems)
  • Clinical uses (pathophysiology, assessment, and management of conditions that may be treated by medical marijuana)
  • Adverse effects and public health considerations
  • Federal and state laws and policies

Graduates from this program will be able to…

Upon completing the medical cannabis program, graduates are left with a number of skills for the marijuana industry. These skills include:

  • The ability to determine appropriate cannabis dosage and administration 
  • Applying knowledge to identify qualifying candidates for medical marijuana treatment
  • Applying knowledge to assure safe and effect drug development of cannabis products
  • Having the ability to recognize areas of future research regarding medicinal cannabis and its health effects
  • Advocate for medical marijuana and its benefits in relation to health

Are you and interested student who seeks to learn more on medical cannabis science and therapeutics? You are encouraged to apply through the School of Pharmacy, which can be done here.


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