10 Ways to Practice Self Care

When going through everyday life, it’s important to show compassion to others as well as treating ourselves with the same kindness. One of the best things we can do in life is to take moments to recognize our worth and self care. It can be easy to say you lack the time or effort to practice self care, but squeezing in these practices will reduce stress, increase productivity, and decrease mental ailments. Consider these 10 ways to practice self care and bringing peace to your life.

  1. Eat healthy and mindfully

Too often we eat while multitasking, therefore denying ourselves enjoying a nourishing meal. Taking time to focus on your meal and enjoying the flavor gives you a positive experience with no distractions.

  1. Make note of your accomplishments

Creating a “to-do” list at the beginning of the week or each day shows you tasks you have accomplished. Did you speak to a loved one? Washed a load of laundry with fresh sheets? No matter how small your tasks were for the day, you deserve recognition even from yourself.

  1. Express gratitude to yourself and loved ones

Just as it’s beneficial to keep track of your accomplishments, it’s also important to take notice of what we hold in life. Keeping a journal beside your bed allows you to make notes at the end of the day, jotting down who you are thankful for what you are lucky to have.

  1. Treat your inner child

As we get older we often get into a daily routine with the same tasks. But, don’t forget to do the little things in life that once gave you joy. Whether you once loved to draw with sidewalk chalk or pick wildflowers, remember to treat your inner child to bring out the warm feeling of content.

  1. Create a cozy space

Your space should reflect the relaxing mood you crave, and can easily change your mood if done the right way. Adding some candles or fluffy pillows to your bedroom introduces a zen to your environment and gives you a place to escape during hard times in life.

  1. Get lost in a book

Finding a book you can’t put down is a great way to escape your mind and gives you something to look forward to. Choose from your favorite genre and set aside 30 minutes in the morning or before bed to get lost in another story. You’d be surprised by how much joy you will feel!

  1. Get active

The research about endorphins promoting happiness is true! This doesn’t mean you need to sign up for a gym membership, as a evening walk, bike ride, or the occasional yoga class offers just the same. It may even promote weight loss!

  1. Unplug from the world

Social media is a great way to stay connected with friends and family, but sometimes logging out for the day can do wonders. We often get wrapped up in the success of others we forget to recognize our own successes, and compare our worth to others. Take a day to reflect on yourself and your accomplishments.

  1. Create something for yourself

Being creative uses your mind in a different way, putting your full energy into focus. Whether you love to bake brownies, paint a canvas, or re-pot your houseplants, getting artistic allows us to be mindful and productive.

  1. Build a self care kit

Creating a basket of your favorite products gives yourself an extra dose of love. Include your favorite color of nail polish, your go-to candy bar, treasured photos and a notepad for a relaxing night in. Treat your body and mind with all the love they deserve.

Remember, by being your best self you’re able to share those beautiful feelings with those around you. The team at Mary and Main loves to search for the good, share peace, and watch the positivity grow in ourselves and those we care about.



The mission of Mary and Main is to provide safe and premium quality products with compassionate service. No matter what health struggle you face, we strive to be the place you can come be educated and learn about your personal choices.

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