So Marijuana Can Help with Weight Loss Too? Who Knew?

America’s obesity crisis appears more unstoppable than ever, where almost 40% of American adults and 20% of children are obese, making these statistics higher than ever recorded. This epidemic all starts with one thing: insulin. Insulin is a hormone that is made in the pancreas, where it is then distributed throughout the body for glucose to enter cells, then giving you energy. As the body becomes resistant to insulin, it is then forced to take less glucose out of the bloodstream causing high blood sugar and potentially prediabetes. A recent study presents evidence that use of cannabis may lower rates of BMI and percentage of body fat. So, marijuana can help with weight loss too? Who knew!

Marijuana and Weight Loss

Researchers gathered data from 786 adults through a health survey and found 57% of them used cannabis. Through this, they discovered cannabis has the potential to:

  • Lower body mass index
  • Lower percentage of fat mass
  • Lower the amount of insulin in bloodstream, preventing prediabetes and high blood sugar
  • Lower the risk of insulin resistance

The study supports the concept of cannabis use directly lowering BMI, then resulting in lower percentage of fat mass and insulin in the bloodstream. This study adds to the growing evidence that suggests cannabis helps with weight loss and health, offering a snowball of positive effects. Increasing research on cannabinoid therapies could lead to a safe management of obesity, in combination with a healthy diet and exercise.


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