How Effective is Cannabis for Chronic Pain Relief?

Chronic pain is considered a debilitating condition, and one that many people endure daily. The condition can feel so unbearable that it begins to affect one’s quality of life, as well as impacting mood and overall well-being. The common treatment plan of prescription drugs, such as opioids and narcotics, are highly addictive and can pose life threatening situations. Those who suffer from chronic pain are starting to turn away from pharmaceuticals and dive into medical cannabis as a treatment plan. This brings us to the question, how effective is cannabis for chronic pain relief?

Cannabis VS Opioids

Unfortunately, the opioid crisis hit the United States pretty hard, where overdosing is a common trend due to the rise of easily accessible prescriptions. Every day, more than 115 people die from overdosing on prescription narcotics. Luckily, using cannabis to treat chronic pain is a popular discussion, resulting in more studies being completed to test the idea. These studies have shown evidence that patients can use medical marijuana in replacement of opioids to treat their pain and significantly reduce their reliance on the prescription.

A study conducted in 2016 at the University of Michigan found cannabis to have the power to decrease side effects of other medications, improve quality of life, and reduce the use of opioids by 64%. This research proves stunning results for using cannabis as a treatment option, giving individuals the life they deserve.

Final Conclusions

Although research is still being conducted, previous studies have shown the true benefit medical cannabis has on chronic pain relief. Many individuals share similar stories of being addicted to pharmaceuticals or having to increase dosage amount to fight the pain, only to still suffer daily. Cannabis is an opportunity to significantly decrease or eliminate the use of opioids, saving North America from a heartbreaking addiction crisis while offering natural relief.


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