5 Ways to Naturally Relieve Stress

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and stress of everyday life. Between juggling work, family priorities, and maintaining a personal life, one may start to feel overwhelmed. It’s normal to feel small stress in our lives, however, it’s important to manage these feelings rather than letting them dictate who we are. Stress that goes unmanaged may eventually result in anxiety disorders or depression. Practice these 5 ways to naturally relieve stress to live a healthier, well-deserved life. 

Practice Deep Belly Breathing

When stress enters your body, your blood pressure increases and activates a “flight or fight” sensation. Did you know this is one of the lead contributors to depression? When you start to feel stress overcome you, take a moment to focus on deep belly breathing. Slowly count to 5 while breathing in your nose, double checking that you are breathing through your belly and not your chest. Exhale through your mouth and repeat as necessary. 

Eat a Well Balanced Diet

Eating a healthy, well balanced diet greatly contributes to your everyday energy and feelings. Consider incorporating leafy greens, fresh vegetables and hearty grains into your everyday meals. Contrary to popular belief, there are tasty, healthy munchie alternatives to reach for other than junk food!  

Take Up Yoga 

Any exercise will boost your endorphins, making your feel better all-around while improving your mood. However, practicing yoga is extremely effective for those who suffer from stress. The main focus of yoga is not only to bring focus to your body movements, but breathing as well. 

Meditate Daily 

Perhaps the best thing about meditation is how easy and effective it is on our body! All you need is a relaxing, quiet space to focus on your breathing. Once you have found your spot, close your eyes and clear the mind of any thoughts. Your only focus should be on your breathing. Taking 20 minutes a day to practice meditating is a simple way to reduce stress and control mindfulness. 

Use CBD Oil

For those who do not qualify for medical marijuana or live in a state that is not yet legalized, CBD oil is the next best thing. The cannabidiol has been proven to combat the overwhelming feeling of stress and anxiety. If you start feeling yourself becoming too much, take a dosage of CBD oil and feel relief almost immediately. 

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