710 Holiday

To people outside the cannabis community, 710 might sound like a bad split in a bowling game but it is an important holiday for consumers, dispensaries, and other cannabis lovers. Any time for celebration is exciting but “Dab Day” as it is sometimes called should be added to the calendar as a fun holiday rising in popularity.

What is 710?

The term 710 rotated upside down spells OIL or a common word used for potent cannabis products like wax, hash oil, etc. July 10, or 710, has grown into a holiday that takes after the other weed holiday 4/20. It can be celebrated at 7:10 am or just on the holiday itself with dispensaries promoting their legalization status and ability to share products with consumers. Consumers can celebrate more free access to dabs and marijuana. Dispensaries and companies often like to offer related discounts to commemorate this fun occasion. 

Why Did it Start?

TaskRok of Highly Educated claims some credit for naming this holiday. He claims to have thought it up in a message chat and also based on an album under his group name Task & Linus on July 10, 2011, with featured references to cannabis and dabbing. No matter where it came from, TaskRok says it belongs to the community and is a source of great pride for those who enjoy dabbing and marijuana. The term has grown in popularity because mainstream media caught on and is promoting the holiday as well. The first official 710 holiday was in July 2013. 

Where is 710 Celebrated?

Many events and organizations promote the holiday in cannabis-legal states. Colorado has the Kush Masters 710 Celebration, Oregon has Camp Sesh, and people across Maryland and other states look to local dispensaries or companies to find out what’s being promoted and celebrate with friends at home also. 

How Do People Celebrate?

To get started, consumers might do traditional dabs using a dab rig which requires a tool/wand, torch, and cannabis concentrate. The rising popularity of vape pens and portable dab vapes makes it easier for consumer concentrates. Many dispensaries help consumers prep for the celebration by offering discounts on wax, shatter, oil, and more. More than 10 million people have posted on social media promoting #710 life and more in honor of the holiday. Pick the dab or concentrate of choice, talk to a local dispensary, and get some of the good stuff before the celebration.


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