Cannabis and the 4th of July

During the pandemic, people were anxious to get out and celebrate big events like the 4th of July. This year is a great year to kick off celebrations of both cannabis and the 4th of July. Cannabis is only growing in popularity, especially right now with increasing anxiety and stress post-pandemic. Winding down is just what people need. Find out why people love to join a 4th of July celebration with cannabis and how to have a happy holiday with friends and family. 


Hemp History

Hemp has been around since the inception of the American flag, fabricated with hemp fibers. Some of the ways hemp was integral to the growth of the United States include things like agriculture and community. Hemp seeds were brought over in the early 1600s from England for farmers to grow. There are many uses for it and it was even legal currency if people didn’t have money on them. During WWII, every effort was designated for the war effort. People would take turns filling up their gas-only as needed. Food was rationed and the government asked farmers to plant more hemp with slogans like ‘Hemp for Victory’ as a rallying call. Hemp was used for ropes, shoelaces, parachute webbing, and more. 


Trading Alcohol for Cannabis

More people are looking for alternatives to alcohol consumption for the 4th of July. Marijuana is a safer, healthier alternative with antidepressant effects. Marijuana is also more cost-effective when compared to buying drinks at a bar. Alcohol sales have been down around the 4th of July and some people are saying the increase in cannabis sales is the reason. What’s great about this is that there are lots of strains to make the 4th of July a great one with (or without) alcohol. 


Happy Strains

Consumers are looking for a happy feeling from their cannabis strain this Independence Day might find luck with Sativa strains. These strains are associated with cerebral highs and uplifting effects including Maui Wowie and Sour Jack to name a few. Why not also go for Indica strain which has relaxing, chill effects. Try Slurricane and Velvet Glove for starters. Hybrid strains are a combination of Indica and Sativa genetics which balance feeling the highs with being more chill. Check out Orangeade and Cherry Punch for a few good options of hybrid strains to make Independence Day a chill affair. 


Celebrate Cannabis

The Fourth of July is a great time to celebrate the victories cannabis has made recently. More people are making it part of their celebrations with legalization growing across the United States. Marijuana is integral to the nation’s fabric (literally). What is worth celebrating is how people are finding ways to integrate it into their lives and bring joy, calming effects, and peace of mind this holiday season. That is worth celebrating!


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