Cannabis 101: Factors That Affect Your Buzz

When smokers look at the various strains available, one of the questions they ask is what kind of buzz it produces. Some like a mellow feeling, while others want to feel it in their body.  Some like to feel it up in their heads. There are many factors that go into personal preferences of enjoyment. Feel empowered to have a better experience with certain strains when you know what works best for you. 


Where Smoking Happens

Location is just as important as anything to how a person feels when they smoke. The environment plays a crucial role and should not be taken lightly. Sometimes, if a person smokes the same strain on two different days, they can have different experiences. Think about mood, environment, and what feels good when smoking. If it is a boisterous place with people, then the mood will feel different than a peaceful, quiet space. Some like to smoke out in nature with also impacts how they enjoy their strain of cannabis.


How to Smoke

The way a person smokes matters because the delivery method can make the difference between how a person feels while smoking, vaping, or eating their marijuana. Ingesting cannabis, then vaping, will bring different effects, as does the amount consumed. The duration of a high with edibles can be much longer and the effects are reported as stronger. It is easier to control the dose with some methods more than others, as opposed to eating an edible. All these factors play a role, affecting the quality and length of the cannabis high.



Strain dosing is different for each person and depends on many factors. It is usually best to start low and go slow. Dosing may be the most important factor when considering what affects a high. Taking too little can feel like nothing happened but too much can feel like it is overwhelming. Finding what they call the ‘sweet spot’ and knowing just how much, when, and with what method is almost a science. It can really make a big difference when enjoying cannabis. 



Terpenes give strains the scents and taste, but they may also play a bigger role in how a person feels after smoking. Some evidence suggests yes, it can make a difference, while other people think it has less impact than previously thought. A potential effect of limonene is said to be stress relief and linalool may provide relaxed mood enhancement. Linalool is all about scent. The way a person smells what they are ingesting can make a difference in how a person experiences the strain they are using.



Although some people think they can handle anything, the truth is not every strain is treated alike. A person may tolerate one strain well but not another or maybe okay ingesting while they are not as okay at smoking. Age is a factor in tolerance for some, but consumption, chemistry, and how long a person has been smoking are also factors. Only you can determine what feels good and what works. By paying attention to how it feels in the body, it can help determine what should be used going forward, how much, and how to know when to stop using certain strains if they are not working.


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