How Cannabis Affects Treatment for Mental Health

Cannabis is a hot topic right now because many states are legalizing it for different things. One of the things that people are starting to use it for mental health. Everything from PTSD to borderline personality disorder and anxiety is driving people towards solutions that include mental health support using cannabis. Cannabis can have a calming effect for some people and it may support them finding healing from mental health challenges. Find out more about how cannabis can impact treatment for mental health and why people are choosing to go this route. 


Increased Access

Additional access to cannabis is making it easier to find across the states. Dispensaries are popping up and people are paying for cannabis while having access to trained professionals who understand what they need. Finding it has become easier as more states are offering it to people legally. With a medical card that allows them access, they can receive the help they may have been trying to get on their own with no idea what the strains they were using could do to their brain and body. With increased access comes more responsibility on the part of dispensaries to provide adequate care for people in need. 


Help for PTSD

People with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) often fight battles on many fronts. Their physical and emotional selves are torn between memories of the past and coping in the present. Cannabis is proving to be helpful for people who have nightmares and struggle to sleep well due to PTSD symptoms. Cannabis is helpful for taking away traumatic memories by preserving the good ones (“selective deterioration”) and creating room for the person to work through the trauma they have experienced. 


Struggles and Challenges

The guidelines for smoking cannabis are still strictly regulated by the federal government, even if states are being allowed to sell it. People often buy from dealers when they cannot get what they need from dispensaries due to legal restrictions. There is less quality control of these products than those sold in dispensaries. People have to be careful about who they buy from if they want to get the right potency that is not laced with anything else. Topicals and ingestibles are out there but people are not getting them from dispensaries if they cannot gain access. The reality is not every community is going to welcome dispensaries, so people have to drive a fair distance. It is not always reasonable for them to do this. Many people still live too far from medicine to take advantage of the programs. For people with PTSD symptoms, this may make it difficult for them to leave the house and travel.


Regardless of where people get medicine and what for they take, it is important for people with PTSD symptoms to have access where they can find hope. If it helps their nightmares and stress, it is worth pursuing dispensaries but it might mean putting in more effort to get what they need to ensure their health is a priority. For some, it might mean moving closer to communities where access is more readily available. Ultimately, the goal is to find a place that provides the best care for people with symptoms of PTSD and other mental health symptoms so they can live their lives as normally as possible. 


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