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Now that medical marijuana has been legalized in the state of Maryland for some time now, many people are thinking of exploring the benefits of medical marijuana. It’s important for potential patients to know the limits and allowances of the law and how medical marijuana can work for you. Once patients and caregivers are approved through the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission website, it’s vital that they understand the rules and expectations that come with that acceptance. After that, many people will have questions about the next steps and what will work best for them. Below we go over what new medical marijuana patients in Maryland need to know and how to get started. 

Getting Started

Medical marijuana patients in Maryland that have obtained their state issued certification are only legally permitted to purchase and possess medical marijuana that is acquired through or from a state licensed medical marijuana dispensary, like Mary and Main. This goes for caregivers as well. Those that travel to Maryland from out of state to purchase medical marijuana are required by law to have been given their prescription through a Maryland based medical professional, and must meet all legal criteria before they are able to purchase or obtain the product.  

Proof of Prescription

The Commission database not only contains records of every patient, caregiver, and medical professional that handles medical marijuana, but is required by HIPAA standards to ensure that such information stays secure and confidential.  Still, it’s the patient’s and caregiver’s responsibility to keep their medical marijuana prescription cards on hand in the instance of law enforcement involvement.  It is also wise to keep copies of any medical records and certificates of acceptance in regard to the prescription and diagnosis.

Next Steps

New patients who visit the store are asked to present a Maryland ID as well as the certification form the state registered with a doctor. From there, patients will fill out basic intake paperwork with contact information, medical history, and consumption guidelines. Next, patients will meet with a dispensary agent to discuss ailments and their goals with using cannabis. The patient and agent will work together to find the best products to fit any needs. It is important to note that a doctor will only give you a recommendation to use cannabis, it isn’t until you visit a dispensary that an agent will be able to help you find products that are best fit for you. 

Usage and Dosage 

Many patients will have questions about how cannabis works for different ailments and the dispensary agent will be able to assist everyone individually and answer any questions. To put it simply, the efficacy of using medical marijuana to manage pain is due to the endocannabinoid properties found in the plant, which is thought to play a key role in how the body regulates and manages pain. Strain dosing is different for each person and depends on many factors. It is usually best to start low and go slow. Dosing may be the most important factor when considering what affects a high. Taking too little can feel like nothing happened but too much can feel like it is overwhelming. Finding what they call the ‘sweet spot’ and knowing just how much, when, and with what method is almost a science. It can really make a big difference when enjoying cannabis. 

Above anything else, Mary and Main aims to continuously understand the needs and desires of our patients so that we can offer them the most comfortable, pleasant and safe experience while always operating within the laws and regulations of the state.

Mary and Main is a Maryland dispensary that provides premium quality products with professional service. We desire to provide compassionate service to medical patients who need help with chronic, debilitating physical and mental health conditions. We are community-oriented and individually focused on providing education and products that help people live better lives. Call us today: (240) 838-3660


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