How to Have Cannabis Christmas with Your Family

As the holidays are approaching and we are spending more time celebrating with family, you may be thinking this would be a great time to enjoy a cannabis themed christmas with the ones you love. Below we have put together a few ways to host a cannabis Christmas that the whole family will enjoy!

Talk To Your Family First

As always, the first step is to make sure your family and friends are on board with the idea. We want this to be inclusive and enjoyable for everyone- so preparation is key. Start with educating yourself and others. It is important to understand what strains will work best and what you want out of your holiday celebration this year. 

Get Festive 

No party is complete without decorations. We suggest incorporating marijuana leaf ornaments and decor. Make the ambiance cozy and inviting with warm lighting and candles to put you and your guests at ease. 

Stocking Stuffers 

Appreciating loved ones and celebrating the holidays with them is the true joy of the season. One way to show some love to your friends and family is to gift them cannabis themed products. We suggest checking out our shop to get started! 

Cannabis Christmas Food

If you do decide to infuse actual foods for your cannabis Christmas, remember to label it clearly! Your label should clearly state it is infused, include instructions on dosing and give the total amount and the type of cannabis used so everyone is properly informed. It’s also a good idea to keep this dish separate from the rest to avoid anyone dosing themselves on accident. One easy way to cook with cannabis on Christmas is to use Cannabutter. We suggest checking out this guide and something sweet for dessert! 

Enjoy responsibly and Merry Christmas! 


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