Chill, bro: Why Some Cannabis Users Freak Out (and others don’t)

When some people smoke cannabis, their body responds poorly. This may be no surprise to them, but they may realize they cannot smoke it without issue. If someone is wanting to use it for medicinal or recreational purposes, they should be aware of some of the ways cannabis may affect them before they officially ‘freak out’ and need to seek help.


Watch for Meltdowns

The brain is a funny thing. When people smoke cannabis, their thoughts change, and their brain goes through shifts, which causes a response in their behavior. Some connection exists between mental health concerns and marijuana use. The idea that cannabis use follows mental illness is still being investigated. There is no real way to know at this point how each person will respond or react to drug use. The brain is going to respond to how it will. Watch for signs the brain is not handling it well:

  • Feeling a sense of anxiety or fear
  • Sudden onset of paranoia
  • Signs of mental health issues after long-term use


Smoking too much marijuana over a period of time may lower the threshold for schizophrenia. Teens who may be predisposed to use it might experience some issues. Smoking marijuana can set it off, but it does not cause schizophrenia. This usually becomes apparent in the early-to-mid-twenties. This age is when people are trying cannabis and the brain is still forming. 


Negative Responses

Science does not really know why some people experience mildly psychotic reactions. There are potential remedies for bad trips, but it is not certain people will not suffer consequences. With pharmaceutical drugs, the person may calm down a bit, but it is not a long-term solution. If a person is having an episode of ‘freaking out,’ they may want to limit stimulation. Spend time in a quiet room with friends and familiar surroundings. A real psychotic break may require stronger drugs to help a person deal. 


The Deal with CBD

Pre-dosing with CBD is recommended for people who need help with reactions to cannabis use. Most cannabis grown is higher in THC than in the past. CBD can work like a seatbelt for THC. what happens is people need to pre-dose a certain amount of CBD to counteract the effects of the salience network that causes some of the psychological effects. A dose of CBD might calm anxiety but speak to someone ahead of time. Don’t just assume the effects of CBD do one thing or another. It remains to be seen how people respond at all. Part of the problem is quality control and making sure it is good quality. 


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