Canna-newbies: 5 Ways to Help Us Help You

A dispensary is a great way to be introduced to the ins and outs of marijuana use. Customers often get the best education around by experts in the field. This includes learning about extracts, strain varieties, edibles, and other innovative products. Budtenders provide the perfect gateway to understanding what will work best for an individual’s needs. Learning about competence and helpfulness in budtenders is key to knowing if a person is getting quality help. Learn some ways to know whether you are getting the best help available.


Cannabis Consumption

Cannabis can be consumed in many ways. From smoking flowers to bathing in a soaking bath, there are different ways to do it. Edibles, tinctures, capsules, and other things offer unique ways to consume cannabis. Not all of them are suited to an individual’s needs. Keep in mind some products have limited availability and may not be carried at the local dispensary. Ask when going to visit a dispensary to find out what is available. 


Medicinal Use

When going to a dispensary, it helps to know what purpose the cannabis will serve. Someone looking for pain relief wants something different than someone managing anxiety or stress. A budtender and doctor provide opportunities to engage with them about best use of cannabis. Knowing the type of relief you need is going to help them connect all the dots and find the best products. 



Cannabis can react differently to people in the mind and body. These variables have to be considered when looking at various methods. Other products may be uplifting and cerebral while others are meant to be relaxing. Let the budtender know the experience that is desired. They will offer support on finding something more or less psychoactive, depending on the person’s desires. 


Feeling the Effects

Dabbing is one way to get a quick effect or intense feeling from consumption. Edibles take a while for effects to kick in. It helps to plan ahead and ask lots of questions prior to use. Speak with a budtender and find out what they can do to help. 


Keep it on the Down Low

Cannabis use can be more or less discreet, depending on the delivery method. If a person is planning to be around others who do not want to consume it, this helps to know ahead of time. Edibles, vape pens, topicals, and capsules are important for people to decide as far as delivery goes. Each one is going to be different in how much vapor it gives off and how it looks to others.


Experienced professionals offer the best way to purchase cannabis and enjoy its use. A bad experience can turn people off, but a good experience can be highly rewarding. Let a good budtender find the exact product needed for the best experience.


Mary and Main is a Maryland dispensary that provides premium quality products with professional service. We have only the best professionals in the business available to help cultivate your sense of peace when it comes to picking strains, edibles, etc. If you are ready to make the decision to use cannabis with the help of a dispensary, contact us. We are here to help. Call us today: (240) 838-3660

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