Do You Need a Medical Card to Buy from a Dispensary in MD?

In the state of Maryland, the only way to consume cannabis legally is with a Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission (MMCC) Identity Card. The way to get started is to register online at the MMCC website before speaking to a physician. This will start the application process in Maryland. Although it is generally a quick and easy process, it helps to answer questions about the process to give consumers an idea of what to expect, answer questions, and offer important information to know when applying for the MMJ card. 

Do You Need a Medical Card?

Yes. Adults aged 18+ must register on the MMCC website. The process is outlined on their website. Minors under age 18 must have at least one caregiver assigned to their account. Only parents or legal guardians aged 21 years of age or older can serve as caregivers for minors. Additional forms may be required for minors. Patients are required to have a bona fide provider-patient relationship who can approve a medical condition necessitating marijuana use. 

What is a ‘Bona Fide Provider-Patient Relationship?

Maryland law designates that treatment or counseling between a provider and patient must include a review of medical records and in-person assessment of patient’s medical history and current condition or conditions with the provider. The provider must create records, monitor patient progress and assess or assign medical action and care to the patient on a regular basis prior to certification for a card.

What Qualifying Conditions Must Be Met?

Patients who sign up online must have medical conditions like anorexia, chronic pain, PTSD, seizures, or another serious medical condition severe enough for which other treatments have not been effective.

How Much Cannabis Can I Buy?

Patients may only purchase a maximum 30 days’ supply of medical cannabis at one time from a licensed dispensary Mary & Main is one of those licensed dispensaries. 

Do MD Dispensaries Accept Out of State Cards?

Maryland does not yet recognize medical marijuana cards issued by another state. Reciprocity refers to whether or not individual states have equal laws regarding a patient’s ability to legally purchase medical marijuana. A legal patient may travel to any location in the state of Maryland but should read current statutes regarding medical cannabis and state lines. It is still illegal on federal government property. 

What Fees Do Patients Pay for a Card?

Cost is $50 when patients register to pay for the ID card.


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