Factors That Affect Your Cannabis High

Everyone loves a little something different when it comes to strains of cannabis. Personal preferences are key to knowing what will feel good when using cannabis and can make a big difference when it comes to feeling the ‘high’ or ‘buzz’ that comes from using cannabis. When you know what you’re dealing with, you can make informed choices and find the best one for you. Whether you like to feel it in your head or in your body, there is something out there for you. 


Location, Location, Location

You may not realize the impact location has on your buzz. If you are wondering how to maximize the feeling you get from smoking cannabis, where you are matters. Check your mood and environment. Try to make it as relaxed as possible. Take it easy with people you are with and spend time trying new things. Work with your intuition to tell you what will make you feel the best. If you like being home, stay home. When you want to be with friends, find a place you like to hang out and go be with those people if it makes you feel better when consuming cannabis. If you want to be outside, try your back patio or porch area. Try something new to see how it affects your high and make a note of it for next time. 


How You Smoke Matters

There are many ways to catch a wave, as they say. The same is true for cannabis. With so many options, it may be hard to know which to try. Keep in mind you can eat an edible, smoke, vape, or try various means to get that buzzy feeling. Each processes through the body in unique ways. Edible durations for a high are longer and the effects may be stronger. If you like a more mellow high that feels less intense, vaping may be the way to go. Dabbing oil is a more intense hit and affects people’s reactions to it. Know what you like and try different things. Don’t settle on just one way because you might want something mellow today but want to try a cannabis brownie or edible the next time. Track how you feel when you use it to remember for next time.


Know Your Body

No body is going to react like your body. You may not even know your own tolerance level. Age affects tolerance, among other factors like how long you have smoked, how often, and body composition. Your tolerance is not going to be like your friend’s tolerance or your parents, for instance. If you like smoking with others or consuming it together, you may find you have a different tolerance level and your high peaks at different times. If you know this going in, it can affect your time together and be more enjoyable just knowing what you’re dealing with. The goal is to enjoy it as best you can while also finding ways to try new things that make the experience better.


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