What is Cannabis Tolerance?

People consume cannabis for different reasons. Some consume it recreationally, others do it medicinally. The more frequently a person smokes cannabis, the more you may need to do it to feel the same effects. This is known as tolerance. A person’s tolerance to marijuana can impact the products chosen to consume, the amount of product, frequency, and how much money is spent. Tolerance can lead to other concerns down the road. Find out why cannabis tolerance can be a challenge for some people.


How Tolerance Works

Tolerance is how the body responds to substances after they have been in the system awhile. When someone has a high tolerance for something, they may be able to smoke more cannabis to get the same effect over time. A person’s tolerance varies depending on many factors including potency, frequency of use, and so on. Some people do not get high their first time which may be for various reasons. It depends a lot on the person, the type of cannabis they use, and various other factors.


What Impacts Tolerance

Chronic cannabis consumption can dull effectiveness of CB1 receptors in the brain. This also increases the amount of product a person needs to feel the effects. There is also an uptick in CB1 receptor activation after only two days of abstinence with an almost full recovery after four weeks. Cannabis affects men and women differently. Estrogen may play a role in this. Though most research on cannabis is on men, there are now more studies being done that look at the role of hormones in women and how it impacts tolerance to THC. Product potency is one-way people’s tolerance levels are impacted. Those who are not familiar with a product or are not aware of the right dose need to proceed with caution so they don’t accidentally build their tolerance level. 


High or Low Tolerance Benefits

Increased tolerance can come with some negative side effects for some people. This might include dizziness, memory loss, or other challenges with cognitive functioning. Tolerance can impact a person’s job performance, relationships, and other things in their life. They may lose motivation to do things they used to love if they are busy looking for ways to use more cannabis to maintain their tolerance level or get high. It also costs a lot of money to maintain it at this level. 


Improve Tolerance

Even when people are unhappy with their tolerance level, they can do something about that to avoid some negative effects. The best suggestion is to take a break for a few days if possible. This gives the body time to flush out excess cannabinoids. Strain types can be switched for some people which helps tolerance levels even out. Micro-dosing is another option where consumers only consume a small amount which reduces pain and improves functioning. It is always best to speak with a dispensary that provides the strains about issues with tolerance and a medical provider. They may be able to help change prescriptions or suggest alternatives if they think tolerance is impacting the experience. 


Mary and Main is a Maryland dispensary that provides premium quality products with professional service. Our experienced personnel is happy to help you make choices on strains and look at why your tolerance may be an issue. Our goal is to help you navigate your experience with cannabis in a healthy way. We want you to have the best experience possible. Call us today: (240) 838-3660

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