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As the crisp autumn air sweeps in, bringing with it the scent of fallen leaves and the promise of pumpkin-spiced everything, Halloween enthusiasts and cannabis connoisseurs alike eagerly anticipate the spookiest season of the year.

In this hair-raising blog post, we invite you to join us on a journey into the shadowy realm of Halloween cannabis strain stories presented by our friends at Story Cannabis who are cultivating the finest Fade Co. strains

Prepare to be thrilled, chilled, and perhaps even mildly surprised as we unravel the mysteries and traditions that have evolved around these bewitching buds. So, gather ’round the digital campfire, light up, and let the eerie tales of Halloween cannabis strains transport you to a realm where tricks, treats, and tokes unite to create unforgettable memories.

Table of Contents

1. The Lighter, The Wizard, and the Yahemi

2. Stoned Halloween: A Cereal Milk Dream
3. Crocotiger: The Guardian of Trop Cherry
4. The Mystery of Stinky Pete & Super Boof

The Lighter, The Wizard, and the Yahemi

0_1 Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.12.37 AM

Fade Co’s Yahemi – THC 27.49%


Once upon a time, in a land where wizards and stoners coexisted in blissful harmony, there lived a wizard known as Ganjalor. Ganjalor was infamous for his magical herbology skills and a peculiar penchant for enchanted strains. One fateful evening, a rumor reached his ears about a legendary strain known as “Yahemi” – a strain so potent that it was said to open doors to magical realms.

Unable to resist the allure of Yahemi, Ganjalor set out on a quest to acquire this mythical herb. With his pointed hat and robes billowing, he embarked on his journey, staff in hand, and a determined glint in his bloodshot eyes.

As he ventured deeper into the enchanted forest, the whispers of the trees revealed that the magical strain could only be found at the heart of the Weedwood Grove. But, as the legends foretold, guarding this treasure was a mystical lighter, one that held the power to take the weed of anyone who dared to steal it. With his wizardly confidence, Ganjalor pressed forward, heedless of the warnings.

The forest grew denser, the air thicker with an intoxicating herbal scent, and the eerie glow of neon mushrooms lighted his path. Finally, he arrived at the heart of the grove, and there it was, a radiant bud of Yahemi glistening like a gem.


With trembling hands, Ganjalor plucked the bud, almost certain that the legends about the magical lighter were merely a fairy tale. But just as he was about to leave, he spotted it, an intricately carved golden lighter that beckoned to him. Ganjalor, always one to indulge his curiosity, reached out and took the lighter.

As soon as the lighter touched his fingers, it transformed into a sentient entity, its flame dancing with a mischievous glow. It introduced itself as “Blazius the Great,” the guardian of Yahemi. Ganjalor’s eyes widened as Blazius explained its magical purpose.

With a ghoulish grin, Blazius revealed its power. It was a weed-thief lighter. Anyone who attempted to steal it would have their stash of weed mysteriously transported to Ganjalor. A wicked chuckle escaped Blazius as it demonstrated its magic. A pair of thieves who stumbled upon Ganjalor during their travels had sought to swipe the lighter and found themselves unwittingly contributing their prized herb to Ganjalor’s growing collection.

Blazius the Great, the guardian of Yahemi, saw in Ganjalor an individual who was driven not by greed but by a deep reverence for the magical properties of the herb. It sensed that Ganjalor’s intentions were not malicious, but rather a curious and adventurous spirit seeking to unlock the secrets of the magical strain. Ganjalor had a genuine passion for herbology that resonated with the spirit of Blazius. 


Ganjalor, unable to believe his luck, returned to his wizard’s tower, where he had amassed a formidable stash of weed through Blazius’ unusual ability. The sight of his enchanted collection made him feel like the king of the herbal kingdom, a true Ganja Wizard.

Word of Ganjalor’s treasure quickly spread throughout the land. Adventurous thieves and rogue stoners alike were drawn to the promise of stealing the magical lighter. Little did they know, their attempts would only result in further enriching Ganjalor’s collection. And so, the tale of the wizard stoner who gained unimaginable power through the magical lighter, Blazius, became a satirical legend in the land of herbology. As thieves came and went, their weed ultimately found its way back to the wizard, leaving Ganjalor to enjoy his euphoric victories and build a weed empire that would go down in history as the most magical of them all.


Stoned Halloween: A Cereal Milk Dream

nadirp_Black_woman_relaxing_in_a_bowl_of_lucky_charms_cereal_2ed0b55f-7986-40aa-8b9e-072bf0aa12e9 Trop-Cherry-3.5gs

Fade Co’s Cereal Milk – THC 25.35%


Once upon a time, in a little apartment that reeked of a certain skunky aroma, there lived a dedicated weed stoner named Deborah. Deborah was known far and wide for her ability to transform even the most mundane activities into epic adventures. This was no ordinary night in the life of Deborah; this was a night of true stoner horror.

Deborah had just acquired a new strain of weed, aptly named “Cereal Milk.” With anticipation, she ground the aromatic buds, packed them into her trusty bong, and took a deep hit. As the sweet smoke filled his lungs, her world transformed into a kaleidoscope of colors, and the journey to satisfy her munchies began.

Deborah decided that it was time to partake in a delightful bowl of cereal. With eyes that were already redder than a ripe tomato, she staggered into his dimly lit kitchen and, with incredible focus, she managed to pull a box of cereal from the pantry and a bowl from the cupboard. Her growling stomach echoed through the apartment as she cracked open the fridge to retrieve the crucial final ingredient, milk.

But to her sheer horror, the fridge contained nothing but a lonely, half-empty bottle of ketchup and a few wilted vegetables. Deborah’s stoned mind struggled to comprehend the magnitude of this dire situation. Shewas left with a bowl of dry cereal and no milk!

This was a level of catastrophe that no stoner should ever have to face. Deborah’s bloodshot eyes widened with disbelief, and she felt a chilling shiver run down his spine. She stood there in a state of utter shock, gripping the bowl as if it held the secrets of the universe.

The battle between her overwhelming munchies and the cruel reality of his milk-less fridge waged on. She contemplated all the other substances in hheris kitchen that might work as a cereal substitute – leftover pizza sauce, hot sauce, or maybe even mustard. None seemed particularly appetizing or remotely suitable.

In a stroke of sheer desperation, Deborah, with pupils the size of saucers, decided to venture out into the cold, dark world in search of milk. Armed with a crumpled dollar bill and a vague sense of direction, she embarked on his perilous quest to the nearest convenience store.

As she stumbled through the streets, the world around her transformed into a nightmarish landscape. Ordinary objects took on bizarre, almost eldritch qualities, and the pedestrians who passed her appeared as grotesque, twisted beings. Deborah, in her heightened state, couldn’t decide if she was trapped in a Lovecraftian nightmare or a Dali painting.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, she reached the store. With great effort, she managed to purchase a carton of milk and began the arduous journey back home. The path that had seemed to stretch for miles on the way out now felt like an endless labyrinth on the way back, each step becoming heavier and more treacherous.

At long last, she returned to his apartment, the milk safely in hand. She poured it over her waiting cereal, and it was then, as the milk cascaded into the bowl, that she realized that she had forgotten the very essence of his quest – which brand of cereal he had been so determined to consume.

In the end, the stoner horror story of Deborah’s milkless munchies served as a cautionary tale for all stoners everywhere: always check the fridge before you begin your culinary adventures, especially when your journey starts with a strain like “Cereal Milk.” For in the realm of late-night snacking, peril awaits those who dare to forget the milk.


Crocotiger: The Guardian of Trop Cherry

nadirp_a_mythical_creature_that_is_half_crocodile_half_tiger_gu_45aee047-0010-4beb-a52b-00007d28de7b 39dfe9f9-7c93-4932-bf92-60a09057a34b

Fade Co’s Tropical Cherry – THC 20.04%


Deep in the heart of an uncharted jungle, there existed a legend whispered among those who dared to seek the rare and elusive cannabis strain known as “Tropical Cherry.” It was said to possess unparalleled properties, a strain so powerful it could uplift one’s energy and spirit like no other. But hidden within the heart of the jungle was a guardian, a creature known only as the “Crocotiger.”

Explorers, thrill-seekers, and those who craved the rarest highs embarked on treacherous journeys into the heart of the jungle. The lush and untamed wilderness was filled with dangers, from venomous serpents to elusive predators, but the allure of the “Tropical Cherry” was too powerful to resist.

The Crocotiger, as the locals called it, was a creature of mythical proportions. It was said to be a monstrous amalgamation of a crocodile and a tiger, its scales adorned with emerald hues, and its fur marked with vibrant stripes. Its eyes glowed like molten gold, and its presence struck terror into the hearts of all who ventured near the sacred grove where the coveted strain was rumored to grow.

Legends whispered that the Crocotiger was a protector of the “Tropical Cherry.” Some believed it to be an ancient spirit, guarding the plant with a ferocious determination. Others thought it was the embodiment of the strain’s power itself, given life to ensure that only the worthy could partake in its transcendent experience.

One fateful day, a daring group of explorers penetrated deeper into the jungle than any before them. Their determination to obtain the “Tropical Cherry” strain had led them to venture further and risk more than any others had dared. Armed with machetes and a shared obsession, they inched closer to the legendary grove, their senses heightened and their hearts racing. 

As they neared their destination, the jungle grew thicker, and the air grew heavy with an intoxicating scent of cherries and coconuts. The allure of the strain seemed almost supernatural, pulling them onward, even in the face of the Crocotiger’s looming threat. 

Then, the Crocotiger appeared, a monstrous vision of scales and stripes, lurking in the shadows. It watched them with predatory eyes, sensing their intent. With a terrifying roar that shook the jungle, it lunged at them, revealing its fearsome crocodile jaws and tiger claws. 

Panic surged through the group of explorers, but they fought back, slashing at the beast with their machetes and firing bullets into its armored hide. The battle raged on, but the Crocotiger was relentless. As the fight continued, they realized the jungle itself seemed to rise against them, with vines and roots ensnaring their every move. 

In the end, the Crocotiger’s sheer might and cunning proved insurmountable. With one final, thunderous roar, it retreated into the shadows, leaving the explorers battered, bruised, and defeated. Their obsession with the “Tropical Cherry” had led them to the edge of danger, and they had paid a heavy price for their recklessness.

The legend of the “Tropical Cherry” and the guardian Crocotiger lived on, a tale of the perils that awaited those who dared to seek the extraordinary. The jungle, it seemed, held secrets that were best left undisturbed, and the Crocotiger’s fierce protection ensured that only the truly worthy would ever partake in the mystical experience of the elusive strain.


The Mystery of Stinky Pete & Super Boof

nadirp_black_troll_named_stinky_pete_is_cultivating_a_magical_m_63773c92-a8e7-4b35-ad12-1c6b3daa367c Screenshot 2023-10-26 at 10.12.47 AM

Fade Co’s Super Boof – THC 37.04%


In the eerie, mist-shrouded town of Grimhaven, nestled deep within the dark woods, there lived a reclusive troll known simply as Stinky Pete. As his name suggested, Stinky Pete had a distinctive odor, one so powerful that it repelled all who came near. However, the townsfolk were blissfully unaware of the true reason behind his pungent aroma.

Stinky Pete had devoted his life to cultivating a rare and magical strain of weed known as “Super Boof.” The strain was unlike any other, a horticultural wonder with glowing buds, shimmering like tiny emerald lanterns in the moonlight. Its fragrance, though, was something entirely unique. It was a scent that could only be described as the amalgamation of every foul odor one could imagine – a mix of skunk, spoiled eggs, and the mustiness of a long-forgotten crypt.

People in Grimhaven had long shunned Stinky Pete. The townsfolk believed that his stench was a reflection of his trollish nature, an outward manifestation of his unsavory habits. They crossed the street to avoid his rickety old cottage, whispered fearful tales about him around campfires, and considered him nothing more than a grotesque, malodorous hermit.

The truth, however, was quite different. Stinky Pete’s cultivation of “Super Boof” was a labor of love, a dedication to the magical properties of the strain. He believed that this unique herb held the power to heal, soothe, and open the minds of those who dared to try it. But his secret came with a price – the unbearable stench that surrounded him day and night.

As Halloween approached, Stinky Pete decided to share his precious “Super Boof” with the town of Grimhaven. He believed that the mystical qualities of the strain would be the perfect treat for Halloween night, granting the townsfolk an experience unlike any other.

On the night of Halloween, Stinky Pete lit a series of eerie, glowing lanterns outside his cottage to draw the townsfolk’s attention. As they cautiously approached, they were greeted by the troll himself, a figure cloaked in the dim light of the lanterns, his pungent odor overwhelming. But Stinky Pete held out an ornate, wooden box filled with his prized “Super Boof” and urged the townsfolk to partake.

One by one, they hesitantly took a small sample, their apprehension outweighed by curiosity and the hope of experiencing something truly magical. As the first emerald buds were ignited, a transformation swept over Grimhaven. The stench, once considered repugnant, now seemed to mingle with the Halloween air in an otherworldly symphony.

The people of Grimhaven began to laugh and dance, their senses overwhelmed by the peculiar magic of “Super Boof.” The once-reclusive troll became the life of the Halloween party, the lanterns outside his cottage casting enchanting shadows in the night.

As the moon reached its zenith, Stinky Pete revealed the secret behind his aroma. The townsfolk, now enlightened, realized that the stench was but a small price to pay for the unique magic that lay within “Super Boof.” They celebrated the night, dancing beneath the stars and sharing stories with the once-feared troll.

From that Halloween night onward, Stinky Pete was no longer shunned by the people of Grimhaven. Instead, they hailed him as a mysterious and benevolent figure, and his rare “Super Boof” strain became a cherished part of their Halloween traditions.

In the end, the lesson of Grimhaven’s Halloween night was clear: appearances and aromas could be deceiving. Sometimes, the most unexpected sources hold the keys to the most magical experiences, and the true essence of a person or a strain is found beneath the surface, waiting to be discovered.



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