From Reality TV Moment To a Budding Black-Owned Cannabis Brand



Happy Eddie, the brainchild of reality TV star Edward “Eddie” Osefo, is more than a cannabis brand; it’s a movement rooted in joy and dedicated to reshaping the cannabis narrative. Embracing the spirit of the plant, Happy Eddie is committed to creating happiness and fostering unity within the cannabis community. 
who is happy eddie? whythat  name?
One thing we can always count on at the end of a Real Housewives of Potomac season is that Andy Cohen is going to run that footage back and leave everyone gagged – even if they were present at the moment captured in real time. Eddie Osefo’s new cannabis brand Happy Eddie, a Curio Wellness brand, is one of the few positive outcomes of one of those viral tv-drama moments. An attorney by trade, serial entrepreneur, and husband to reality tv star, professor and political commentator Dr. Wendy Osefo, Eddie was merely minding his business at a taped event when mutuals looking for a storyline accused him of *flirtatious smiling* at the bar. The nickname Happy Eddie quickly rippled through the season.

Knowing the accusations were unfounded, Eddie, who was naturally charismatic and outgoing, took his viral nickname and has since used it to fuel his success as one of less than 2% of Black entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. We’re pleased to announce that you can find Happy Eddie products at Mary and Main, the first Black (& woman) owned dispensary, in Maryland as well as in various other dispensaries across the state, and soon, country.

With products like his signature flower Amherst Sour Diesel Sativa that customers have been raving about and the Zen Wen hybrid (a tribute to his wife’s popular TV show namesake), Happy Eddie has garnered amazing visibility and approvals in the DMV. Curio Wellness was the perfect partner for their target market. Their premium Curio Wellness™ flower—named best in Maryland by Leafly—is hygienically cultivated to deliver high-quality products with cannabinoid and terpene-rich repeatable profiles. They are backed by a state-of-the-art tissue culture lab led by a team of PH.D. plant scientists solely responsible for plant health and the research and development of their vast strain portfolio. It’s no wonder that Happy Eddie has been flying off the shelves.

Other products you may know from Curio Wellness

a dope  social mission

Happy Eddie’s core philosophy celebrates those who defy conventions, inviting everyone to be a part of a community that values justice and inclusivity. An homage to Eddie’s traditional legal career and colorful social life as a reality tv star, Happy Eddie is created for “everyday professionals who color outside the lines”. Moreover, the brand has a strong social equity programming and education focus that aims to eliminate systematic barriers to entry in the multibillion-dollar legal cannabis industry. Supporting this brand empowers the brand to grow as they concurrently focus on the following five social impact areas: 

Civic Engagement
The brand encourages customers to participate actively in their local communities, creating a ripple effect of positive change.

Hiring and Mentorship
Your support of this brand at our dispensary directly contributes to providing underrepresented groups with the skills, mentorship, and networking opportunities needed for success.

Recognizing the stigma around the plant, Happy Eddie is championing a vision where cannabis is embraced as a positive force for individual and collective well-being.

Promotion of Social Equity
The brand pledges a commitment to a diverse cannabis industry, supporting businesses, specifically dispensaries, owned by people of color in order to contribute to a more inclusive landscape.

Criminal Justice Reform
Recognizing the impact of cannabis criminalization, Eddie and his constituents are actively working towards reform. Your support of Happy Eddie at our dispensary contributes to local advocacy efforts, helping those affected by unjust cannabis-related convictions expunge their records.

We love to see an amazing brand doing amazing things for diverse cannabis users! #StayHappy

meet the founder – irl at a pop up at mary and main on february 5, 2024 – LEARN MORE ABOUT THE BRAND AT HAPPY-EDDIE.COM



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