Have You Considered Marijuana for your Migraines?

Headaches are a common irritant, but a bad headache does not stand up to a migraine. A migraine headache is a complex condition of one’s nervous system, making them difficult to control. Often explained as an intense throbbing in an area of the head, other symptoms might include light sensitivity, vomiting, or dizziness. Those who suffer from migraines understand the inconvenience and unbearable symptoms the pain has to offer. Up until now, prescription medication has been used as a treatment option for those seeking relief. But, what if there was a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals? Have you considered marijuana for migraines?

Marijuana for Migraines

Pharmaceuticals and Migraines

A well-known pharmaceutical for relieving migraines comes from a family of medicine known as Triptans. Triptans are thought to affect serotonin receptors, by relieving swelling and narrowing blood vessels. When using this prescription drug as an option, many people complain of tingling, reddening of the face and feelings of pressure.

Cannabinoids and Migraines

Researchers from the University of California have recently published a study focused on the endocannabinoid system and its role in treating migraines. According to their findings, the activation of receptors in the brain may help control pain signals. The study was inspired from the findings of cannabinoids being tied to the perception of neurological pain, encouraging researchers to dig deeper into treating pain associated with migraines.

To start the study, researchers investigated the grey matter of the brain that modulates the descending nature of pain. They particularly measured the activity of pain receptors and nerve fibers associated with headaches. According to the findings, the activation of the cannabinoid receptor reduced the amount of nerves that carry pain signals, and also decreased the amount of pressure.

Although research has proven natural alternatives to relieving migraine pain, it has not been fully embraced or accepted as a treatment plan. As we continue to slowly change the stigma around natural cannabinoids, it is only a matter of time this option receives the funding and research is deserves for extensive studies.



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