MicroDosing Marijuana : The Benefits of Tiny Doses

Marijuana is known for being a potency-obsessed market, where high levels of THC make a product more appealing. Contrary to belief, there is a growing community of cannabis advocates pushing for less THC consumption rather than more. This method is known as microdosing and is becoming a rising trend in the marijuana industry. The benefits of microdosing marijuana are attracting people to take advantage of the up and coming tactic.

Microdosing Marijuana

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing marijuana consists of ingesting small amounts of TCH and gaining the benefits, while avoiding the psychoactive effects that can interfere with activities of daily life. When raising the dose of THC, you are potentially diminishing the benefits the medicine has to offer. For example, a small dose of medical cannabis can ease the symptoms of anxiety, while a large dose can easily do the opposite.

Benefits of Tiny Doses

Patients are now turning to microdosing in order to treat the conditions of depression, stress, anxiety, pain, and to improve sleep. Although microdosing lacks extensive evidence, clinical research suggests that less is in fact more when it comes to medical cannabis. In a study held in 2012, patients with advanced cancer who were unresponsive to opioid painkillers were given TCH at low, medium, and high doses. Patients who receive the lowest dose of cannabinoids showed the greatest reduction in pain, while those who received higher doses expressed higher levels of pain.

There are many methods to successfully microdosing marijuana, some being more effective than others. Smoking or vaping being a common option, it is suggested to take just one puff and wait five minutes to feel effects before inhaling another. Many experts recommend products such as edibles or tinctures that allow uses to accurately control the dosing. Even though edibles have a controlled dosage, it is still wise to use caution and know that your in control.

Cannabis therapy is a great alternative to treating an array of ailments, and it’s important to do so correctly. Being aware of your preferred dosage will allow you to treat your conditions as needed, without causing the symptoms to worsen.



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