How to Clean Your Pipe

Pipes are one way people use medical marijuana. This little device is used to smoke cannabis and remains one of the oldest methods known to smoke. Although they seem easy to use, they are also easy to get dirty if they are not cleaned well enough. Part of using a pipe is keeping it clean from residue and build up. This can clog the pipe and make the smoke flavor taste different. Find some tips on keeping that pipe clean to keep the smoke flowing freely. 


Get Materials

To properly clean a pipe, you need the right materials. You can start with rubbing alcohol, a little plastic bag that seals closed, paper clips, dish soap, and table salt. Any Epsom salt will do for the exercise. Store these on hand somewhere you can get to them to make cleaning a breeze.


Step by Step

When looking at pipe cleaning, it seems easy but you should follow the steps closely. Ask a dispensary to give you an overview of cleaning your specific pipe or pipes to be sure you know how to manage it at home. The plastic bag should be filled with alcohol to submerge the pipe. Start with a sealable bag if you have it or a container that has a lid. Be sure to cover and secure it snugly, with the pipe immersed in the alcohol. Next, add some salt to it. Salt acts as a sponge to the resin that gets it off the sides of the pipe. Brushes don’t work as well as salt in exfoliating the inside of the pipe. If there is any hardened residue inside, try starting with coarse salt, then move to Epsom salt after. Soak the pipe for a bit, about half a day’s worth of time. Not letting it sit long enough can cause it not to take and then you have to start over again. It might be worth mentioning that having a few pipes on hand is helpful for when you are cleaning one out. That way, if you need it, you are not left without while you let it soak.


Final Steps

Shake up the bag and get rid of any residual resin leftover. Be careful not to shake too vigorously, bang, or get too excited while cleaning to avoid any breakage. This is especially true if you used a container instead of a bag. A cracked pipe is not going to be usable and will need to be replaced. Take warm, soapy water when done and rinse it out. Clean it well, get rid of anything leftover with pipe cleaners or paperclips. Try using a cotton swab if necessary. After washing the pipe, give it a final rinse with hot water and you’re good to go.


Dry out the pipe for a period of time. Don’t use it while damp or you will have other issues. If the pipe has lots of resin that doesn’t seem to come clean, talk to a dispensary. Ask them for advice on cleaning it. It may also be time for a new pipe if it has been awhile. The material builds up over a long period of time. Don’t wait to clean it. Start right away after using and ask about a regular maintenance schedule that works for you. Think about writing it down or putting it in a calendar to be sure you don’t forget. To keep it lasting a long time, think about cleaning more than you think is needed to get the smokey flavor you desire


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